Why Bother Watching?

It was a Sunday game, and no offense to him, but the Mets were starting Tyler Pill. With Addison Reed likely unavailable with his pitching two innings last night, you’d be hard pressed to argue the pitching would sufficiently line up to give the Mets a chance. 

Hopefully, you didn’t try to argue the Mets could win this one because they lost a non-competitive 11-1 game. The Mets were probably luck it was that close especially considering both Josh Smoker and Neil Ramirez brought there 7.00+ ERAs to the mound today. 

About the only player who showed up ready to play was the scorching hot Wilmer Flores, who stayed hot going 2-4. Other than that, you’re really stretching to find another positive. 

This season is falling apart fast. In fact, it may have already. Only one team since the 1930s entered June .500 and won the World Series (2003 Marlins). With the Mets not willing to fire their manager and without a Miguel Cabrera to call-up, it’s hard to argue the Mets can repeat that feat. 

It’s next to impossible when you consider the Mets do have uber prospect Amed Rosario, and they still won’t call him up. If we’re being honest, if the Mets do eventually call him up, it’ll probably be too late to salvage this season. 

Game Notes: The Mets scored their only run of the game in the second inning when a run scored on a Travis d’Arnaud GIDP. 

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  1. nothing is going to change says:

    The Mets will never win a World Series with Jeff Wilpon as an owner.

    Sure, Terry Collins is not a top ten MLB manager.

    The fastest route to a World Series championship is for Sandy Alderson to retire and to let things get worse.

    Worse results equals less revenue, a subsequent Wilpon cash squeeze and then insolvency with the selling of the team.

    AMED ROSARIO in 2017 matters zero!
    Firing TC means less!

    Travis D being an All Star means nada.



    JEFF WILPON IS CONTROLLING AND INTERFERES – he micro manages – he is a zero in delegating and empowering.

    He pisses off his stars: Pedro- Carlos etc

    He needs for pennies pushes stars to play injured, to not get the surgery they need (Beltran).

    IF THEY CREATE A DESTINATIONS FOR CONCESSIONS, better dining, better entertainment during inning breaks then winning will not be everything to help the gate…

    Let me put it this way :

    A STORE THAT GETS THE CUSTOMER FOR THEY SELL IT CHEAPER – only keeps the customer if they have a lower price – NO LOYALTY….

    That customer only cares about price…

    Baseball fans who only show for a winner are not loyal either…

    If the Wilpons are serious about revenue stability, treating players better, attracting stars to play here they should make Citi a destination.

    Move on from Jackie Robinson – revamp the 3XX level cocktail lounge – start bringing in hugely diverse concessions- stop this BS car race between innings – give out $250 gift cards for winners – have age group races for the dash etc

    Get non real estate people do the creative – start recycling – redo Willets Point stop, target Asian customers, go Intl for customers and with do many obese fans give them more food!!! Choices….

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Wilpons will never sell. SNY and Citi Field are too profitable to force them to sell.

  2. Luis says:

    This season has been done since April. The Mets need to start selling now, and see what it takes to get Yelich…

    1. metsdaddy says:

      With Cespedes, Conforto, Lagares, and Nimmo for next year, I’m not sure they need Yelich

      1. Wilpon for Wilpon ONLY says:


        If you were selling?
        What would you demand in return?

        Cabrera, Walker, Duda, Bruce, Lagares (they are not close to need a defensive specialist) (profitable? – They can not afford the $4 m salary of his)

        Come on everyone? Who?

        1. metsdaddy says:

          It’s a great question, and the obvious answer is sell everyone who doesn’t have a contract beyond this year.

          For the right price, I’d consider moving players with options like Blevins and Cabrera b

        2. Jimmybx says:

          A bag of baseballs and a case of White Castle. All those players suck

  3. Jimmybx says:

    Mets suck

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