What Is There To Even Sell?

After getting outclassed by the Washington Nationals, the Mets are now six games under .500, and they are 10.5 games back in the division.  Things are bleaker in the Wild Card race.  The Mets are now 12 games out of the second Wild Card spot.  One of the teams they are trailing are the defending World Series champion Chicago Cubs.  While it may be too early on July 20th to say the season is over, realistically speaking, the Mets really need to consider selling.

Aside from Michael Conforto, Yoenis Cespedes, and the core group of starting pitchers, the Mets should look to sell everyone on the major league roster.  The problem is why would anyone want what the Mets are selling?

Travis d’Arnaud has had another injury this year and has regressed in all aspects of his game.  His backup, Rene Rivera has been hitting .162/.205/.297 over his last 10 games.  With Rivera, this isn’t too far from what he’s been his entire career.

Across the infield, the situation is no better.  Lucas Duda has had his typical hot and cold season with him hitting .175/.283/.375 over the past two weeks.  It also doesn’t help that he struggles against left-handed pitching.

Just as Neil Walker was playing great again, he suffered a tear in his hamstring, and he will not be able to come back from the disabled list until after the All Star Break.  That leaves little time for him to get back into form before the trade deadline assuming he is even able to return by then.

Asdrubal Cabrera is having a terrible season.  He has twice landed on the disabled list with a thumb injury.  His already poor range has been further limited.  While he’s always been a second-half hitter, his stats this season lag behind last year’s first half stats.

Flat out, Jose Reyes has been the worst infielder in the major leagues.  With his poor defense, he is little more than a pinch runner.

In the outfield, Curtis Granderson has shaken off his cold start, and he has been much better of late.  However, he’s still hitting .212/.302/.396, and he’s still 36 years old.  If a team were interested in Juan Lagares and his Gold Glove defense, that opportunity has passed with Lagares’ thumb injury.

Outside of Addison Reed and Jerry Blevins, the bullpen has been mostly terrible.  Josh Edgin has had a nice season there, but 30 year old LOOGYs hardly fetch a large haul at the trade deadline.  And for what it’s worth, the Mets still have years of control over Edgin.  He’s more valuable to the team as a pitcher than a trade asset.

Certainly, if the Mets were interested in moving Blevins, many teams would be interested in the LOOGY.  With his outstanding season, he’s probably going to get a larger return than your standard LOOGY, which still won’t be a prospect who will be a major piece of the future.

No, the only two players really capable of that are Reed and Jay Bruce.  With respect to Bruce, the bar has been set fairly high for his return.  Last year, the Mets traded Dilson Herrera, who was seen as an important part of the Mets future, and Max Wotell, who is an interesting left-handed pitching prospect.  If the Mets can match or come near that, they’ve done well.  The problem is Bruce is now a pending free agent making that kind of a return all the more unlikely.

Based on last year’s trade deadline, the Mets can legitimately ask for the moon for Reed.  He’s been great as a Met, and he’s been great this year.  He’s a great eighth inning reliever, and this year, he is showing he can replicate that success as a closer.  At the trade deadline, everyone is looking for relief help meaning everyone should be looking at Reed.

And the Mets better maximize that return because looking at the team as a whole, the Mets aren’t likely to get a whole lot back at the trade deadline.  Certainly, it will be paltry compared to the Yankees haul last year.  The sad part is if these players were playing better, the Mets return might’ve surpassed that.  Then again, if these players were playing that well, we wouldn’t be talking about selling at the trade deadline.

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  1. Gothamist says:

    Even when selling has a late season replacement planned (Dom Smith start most games in Sept) and a decision to lose the player next year (Lucas Duda) as a FA…

    – The Management is in EXTREMELY need of revenue this year
    – There is already injuries and too many position players going free agent in 2018
    – That gutting the bullpen (Blevins)
    – Gutting speed (Reyes or Grandy)
    – Reducing the HR output (Duda or Bruce)
    – Lessening up the middle defense (Rene Rivera)

    Can lead to adding to late inning later losses and loss of 200-300,000 net gate in two-three months remaining

    A – If they want Bruce or Grandy back, now is the time to try to neg a quick contract for 2018 and beyond. IF THE ANSWER OF BRUCE IS NO … He should be the first to offer. On good terms, he can be resigned in November if so be…

    B – Grandy has some value at late game defense (no arm), lefty bat, club house leadership and possibly if to a team that may see a 2018 fit.

    C- Reyes is cheap but Rosario has not played a game and Cecchini in the future will be played st SS sparingly. Reynolds getting lots of starts will leave him permanently impaired with the fans (sub .200 BA) yet the reps will help for his future sub role.

    D- If Blevins and Mets want to see a long term relationship then keep him.

    E- If Grandy can be a fourth outfielder and wants to come back sign him now. If either party is unsure and a return is good…?

    F- If overwhelmed offer for Wilmer, Cabrera can start at first base next year and Moustakas MUST BE SIGNED at market next year at third and there will not be sufficient starts for Cabrera next year. Wilmer is not a late inning for e at plate abd no AL team where there are DH ABATs will offer much for Wilmer anyway.

    ThesevCrowd favorites of even Reyes to an extent will hurt the gate and Bruce is the most clutch as of today…

    Plus with LV’s Travis T possibly a AAAA player a Nimmo a adequate fourth outfielder Conforto’s back and still emerging plate discipline and inability to beat Tier One pitching letting go of outfielders w Lagares’s injury, Cespedes now career chronic leg issues, gate issues, sparce 2018 w so msny FAs, Lagares’s bad luck and inconsistency at bedt at plate trading Bruce will be very remote scenario…

    Your thoughts?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I don’t want Moustakas. Outside one year of his career, he’s been a pretty terrible hitter.

      Next year, the OF should be Cespedes – Lagares/Nimmo – Conforto

      Cabrera doesn’t have the bat to play 1B

      1. Gothamist says:

        If healthy, if as a supersub?

        1. metsdaddy says:


      2. MathTeacher says:

        I don’t think Lagares/Nimmo are good enough to start so either resign Bruce or even better we need to go after Cain… and play a true center fielder for a change

        1. metsdaddy says:

          I actually like the idea of the Lagares/Nimmo platoon, but Cain would be better. I just wonder if Cain can be signed to a reasonable deal.

          Mets have to let Bruce walk. There’s no room for him on this roster.

      3. MathTeacher says:

        But I agree Moustakas is overrated

        1. metsdaddy says:

          He’s also the type of guy the Mets would pursue.

  2. Gothamist says:

    Awaiting moderation?? Hmm?

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