Today’s Bullpen Meltdown Brought To You By Robles

The best way to summarize Zack Wheeler‘s start is he answered the bell. Despite throwing 89 pitches through five, he went out for the sixth. Even with him throwing 103 through sixth, he came out for the seventh. 

In the sixth, it backfired a bit as Wheeler allowed a lead-off homer to Jake Lamb to tie the game at one. In the seventh, he gave up a lead-off single to the eighth place hitter Jeff Mathis. After that lead-off hit, Terry Collins lifted Wheeler. 

Unfortunately, that meant Wheeler would not get the win despite a very good outing. He didn’t get the win because the Mets offense only registered one hit against the Diamondbacks starter Zack Godley

The Mets did make that one hit off Godley count. In the second, Godley issued back-to-back one out walks to Jose Reyes and Curtis GrandersonRene Rivera then got the Mets lone hit off Godley giving the Mets a 1-0 lead. 

With the Mets not scoring more runs for Wheeler, he got a no decision despite striking out six and allowing just one run on seven hits and one walk.  

He also didn’t get the win because Collins lifted him after one batter in the seventh. Wheeler started that inning despite his having an at-bat the prior half inning. In what was an obvious pinch hitting situation, Collins instead elected to play matchups. 

Despite the lead-off hit to start the seventh, the Diamondbacks would not score a run. Jerry Blevins relieved Wheeler to face the left-handed hitting David Peralta. Peralta hit a shallow bloop to center that Granderson made a nice sliding play on. 

Granderson couldn’t get to a bloop hit by the next batter Rey Fuentes. However, Granderson was able to nail Mathis who tried to go from first to third on the play. The one thing we learned on that play was just how slow Mathis is. 

Collins then brought in Hansel Robles to pitch to Chris Owings. Look, anytime you can go through three pitchers when one would’ve sufficed, Collins is going to do it. 

Mets dodged a huge bullet in the eighth when Paul Goldschmidt hit what appeared to be a go-ahead homer off Robles. Upon replay, it was ruled a double as Goldschmidt’s ball hit the yellow line. It should be noted for a manager hell-bent on playing matchups, Goldschmidt is now 5-6 off Robles. 

The Mets good fortune was short-lived. After Lamb was intentionally walked, Yasmany Tomas hit a no-doubter to center giving the Diamondbacks a 4-1 lead. Later on in the inning, Mathis would hit a two run homer to make it 6-1. At that point, Robles would be lifted. 

It should be noted Robles has had two rough appearances after he has been overworked like the rest of this Mets bullpen. In his first 18 appearances, Robles allowed three runs. He’s now allowed nine runs in his last two appearances. He’s apparently gassed. It’s not an excuse. It’s a fact. 

Speaking of gassed, Collins went to the overused Josh Edgin who was greeted by Daniel Descalso with a home run. After that, Edgin finished the eighth in what could only be described as mop up duty. 

That’s mop up duty for a reliever on pace to make over 80 appearances while Rafael Montero sat unused. If Montero isn’t being used in mop up duty, why is he on the team?  

Wilmer Flores hit a two run pinch hit homer in the ninth to make the final score look more palatable. Still, whether it is 7-1 or 7-3, a loss is a loss. 
The Mets have now lost five straight games and four straight on this road trip. All four of those games were winnable at some point. That point was up until a gassed bullpen was asked to get some outs. Something has to change and fast. 

Game Notes: Asdrubal Cabrera missed the game with a thumb injury. The Mets are debating whether or not to put him on the DL. 

4 thoughts on “Today’s Bullpen Meltdown Brought To You By Robles”

  1. Gothamist says:

    Tomas said he wanted the Mets to sign him in 2014 but the deal was so sweet in Arizona that he just took it.

    MMM did sign a couple of Cubans to long term deals, Rey Ordonez and 31 year old Cespesdes.

    Signing unproven Tomas before his 24th birthday and < $70 complete before age 30 is not my point.

    It is that the MMM have freed up so few dollars, so few large contracts and they are frightened of what can happen if that one contract they are negotiating goes bad. Trust your baseball people, examine why you made a bad decision with Jason Bay.

    I heard that Boston said Bay was lucky guess the pitch, hitter.
    Figure out who were the scouts who missed that and move on!

    They never pursued any coveted Intl Free agent at the magnitude of $70m, Cuban or Japanese. They recently never signed nor pursued a Taiwanese, Korean or a Japanese and MMMs are in NYC next to Flushing?

    The Yankees targeted their Japanese ace three years before he became a FA.
    Guess what, next year do not be surprised if the Yankees spend big…

    To be a MMM (Mid market Mets) with less risk tolerance than a MMM Arizona was bound to implode and it has….

    Elgin threw a middle up FB on a 1-2 count!
    Robles can not keep the ball down in any consistency and he can not control his secondaries away from broadway….

    Robles should be assigned to long relief or blown outs. Move on…
    He can not locate!

    Now TC wants to now push Josh past 105 pitches and have him start the seventh?

    Is he figuring that when he shuts Zach down for the year around the trade deadline he will have:

    DeGrom Harvey Matz Lugo Gsellman and even Noah?

    Robles, Salas, Elgin, Blevins, Reed + Sewald

    Ok, I get it. Build the starters to go 120-130 pitches
    and the relievers stamina to go 70-100 inmings.
    It has been done before…

    I do not think the pen has imploded.
    Did Blevins or Salas get any other one year offer besides the Mets?

    This is it.
    They are pitching the way they were expected to.

    Last Weds and Thurs
    Arizona, with retired NYers in residence drew more to host the Tigers and PIRATES than the Mets tonight….. Transplanted NYers saw no star power? …

    I prefer that the Mets will win
    I love watching my favorites: Rene, Zach, Mike and everyone get better but I expect nothing…. I prefer they win I DO NOT expect a win.

    When the Brooklyn Dodgers were always outbid for top FAs (there was no draft)
    My dad said, we did not expect to win the WS.

    Outside of 1955, the common line was, " Wait till next year"

    Well if Arizona outbid the Mets for Tomas or not, I say- Wait till Next Year!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I really think Robles is someone you can’t go to the whip too often with. Every time you get confident in him, Terry over does it, and Robles struggles. I think Robles is over worked right now.

  2. Gothamist says:

    I heard Terry on DailyNews at 5pm: “bullpens are effective if they are used one inning and two innngs tops, when you go beyond that they are overworked and suffer” paraphrased….

    1977 or 2017?

    Well Terry:

    The Yankees were 22-12 this morning and the Daily News published the team’s individual stats:

    Yankee team WHIP well under 1.3

    That in 34 games seven different (not all) relievers all individually had ERAs under 1.99 and the seven pitched an accumulative 80 innings.

    Not all of their relievers- ALL SEVEN pitched under 1.99 ERA – 80 innngs over 34 games….

    Mets had zero.

    Terry, did you spend all winter believing the Mid Market Mets would win a WORLD SERIES in 2017?

    I am sad also, I am reasonable and not in denial.

    I EXPECT THEM TO LOSE against AZ, LA, Co, St L, Cubs ……

    BLEVINS. A lefty specialist? … I am a believer
    Sewald : Looked great and quite confident against AZ.

    A good start….

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Sewald pitching well only proves Collins has been awful with his bullpen management

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