Sandy Alderson Miscalculated

Yet again, the Mets have had to turn to Rafael Montero to make a start because there weren’t better options for the Mets.  There weren’t better options because Sandy Alderson believed the Mets had enough starting pitching to never need to sign a veteran signing pitcher.  As we have seen, this was a miscalculation.

Lost in the excitement of the Mets having seven starting pitchers was the fact that pitchers break down.  This pitching staff exemplifies this axiom.  Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, and Steven Matz were coming off season ending surgeries.  For his part, Matz is seemingly never healthy.  Zack Wheeler hadn’t pitched in over two years due to his having Tommy John surgery and the ensuing complications therefrom.  Robert Gsellman and Seth Lugo were terrific in September of last year, but it was against some fairly weak competition.  Also, it is likely both were going to be on some form of an innings limit.  Finally, there was Noah Syndergaard, who seemed indestructible.

Now, we could have anticipated Matz doing down, but the other manner in which the Mets have turned to Montero and Adam Wilk has been a surprise.  No one expected Lugo to suffer a torn UCL.  Syndergaard tearing his lat never could have been reasonably anticipated, nor was the Mets needing to suspend Harvey.  Still, given the relative injury histories, it was certainly plausible the Mets would be down three plus pitchers at any point of the season.  It was also plausible because pitchers break.

Despite this, Alderson moved both Logan Verrett and Gabriel Ynoa to the Orioles in separate deals.  Both moves were defensible because the Mets needed space on the 40 man roster to accommodate free agent signings.  Still, those arms needed to be replaced by cheap veterans who could be stashed in Triple-A, or the Mets could have signed a swingman who could have served in long relief and be available to make a spot start.

Now, we know players like Doug Fister and Colby Lewis likely weren’t signing unless they got minor league deals.  Still, there were pitchers like Jon Niese and Dillon Gee available.  Mets fans may not love them, but they are certainly better than Montero.  There was also Scott Feldman who has served in both relief and long man roles, and he signed with the Reds for just $2.3 million.  There are several other names like Jake Peavy who at least has the veteran guile to gut through five innings.  Instead, the Mets stuck with Sean Gilmartin, who they won’t even trust to make a start, and they signed Wilk who is not a viable major league pitcher.

And now, the once vaunted Mets starting pitching is a mess, and it is up to Alderson to fix it.  This is the same Alderson who has been very cavalier in moving pitching the past few seasons to help fix the weaknesses in teams he has built.  So far, his answer has been Milone who has a 6.43 ERA in six starts this season.  That’s hardly an answer.

Likely, Alderson’s real answer is to hope for some health with presumably both Matz and Lugo will be ready by the end of the month.  Maybe this time the health plan with work.

0 thoughts on “Sandy Alderson Miscalculated”

  1. Gothamist says:

    I hope that Sandy retires and John Ricco sees his future elsewhere.

    Sandy was forced upon Jeff Wilpon.

    It is high time for Jeff Wilpon to spend the hugh globs of cash in that safe in a more responsible way!!!

    Let Jeff interview and bilaterally create a wonderful synergy with his new GM.

    This ongoing set up w Sandy two years removed from the WS with you Sandy is just not working!!

    Sandy, your contract is up, please enjoy your next gig.

    Sandy, I saw you at Yankee Staduim last year, the night we almost scored seven in the first or could of. Sandy, I saw the way you looked over at the Yankee side of the field it was so clear in the photo in the next day’s Post.

    What if you spent bucks on Girardi, what if you Sandy did not get cheap with us on team salary for six years?

    I do not think you were a mouth piece, advocate or speaking for anyone but yourself all these years and now your contract is up. Thank you and better luck elsewhere.
    You deserve a situation, a situation that you seemed to have desired when I saw your eyes look in the direction of the Yankee dugout last year.

    Jeff Wilpon has to hire his own GM.

    Maybe Jeff will be the GM?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Once Sandy is gone, Jeff gets more power. That’s not a good thing.

  2. Gothamist says:

    Better to face it now vs later?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Later . . . MUCH later

  3. Gothamist says:

    So you believe that Jeff Wilpon should depart, go work in real estate, SNY or Katz Women’s Center at Northwell?

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