Trivia Friday – Final Four The Year The Mets Made the Postseason

There are three great things about March.  The first is St. Patrick’s Day.  The second is we are ever closer to the beginning of the baseball season.  The last, but certainly not the least, is the NCAA Tournament.  Each year everyone, and I mean everyone, fills out their brackets hoping to win their pools.  For some die hards, they desperately want their alma mater and/or favorite team to win the NCAA Championship [Onward Setonia!].

Looking over the years the Mets have made the postseason, there is no real harbinger from the NCAA Tournament.  Certainly, there is nothing akin to the Yankees-Kentucky championship link.  In fact, the Mets fate isn’t even tied to one conference or another.  This is good because you can watch this tournament without that thought in the back of your mind that if Texas Southern loses today, the Mets have no chance of winning the World Series.

Now, we know Texas Southern won’t go to the Final Four this year, and they have never even won a game in NCAA Tournament history.  As such, they never would have been in the Final Four the years the Mets made the postseason.  Can you name the teams that have been in the Final Four the years the Mets made the postseason?  Good luck!

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