Snow’s Coming: Get Your Milk, Bread, Eggs, and Carrots

On Tuesday, the Northeast is supposed to be slammed with a Northeaster.  This means that every old lady in your neighborhood is going to be running to the grocery store to stock up on the three staples of milk, bread, and eggs.  If you have a child, you will also need to run to the grocery store to get milk.  I do not want to know what would happen around here if we ever ran out of milk.

However, my shopping list isn’t done.  With the promise of a lot of snow coming, there is the potential that there will be enough snow to build a snowman.  Now, you could go the Frosty route and try to get away with a button nose, but you’re not going to see that button, nor are you ever going to find that button again.  No, instead, you are better off going the Olaf route and getting carrots for the snowmen.
I doubt there will be coal in your local supermarket this time of year.  Hopefully, you can use a couple of rocks and jam them in there.  If you want, color them with a black Sharpie so they stand out.  In fact, you can use a colored Sharpie if you want.  Ask your child what color they want the snowman’s eyes to be.  They can be blue, brown, or green like your child, or just the traditional black.

And with that, you should have enough stuff to build a snowman in your own backyard.  Hopefully, the snow sticks well enough to build a snowman instead of having to pile snow up to make some sort of snowman like creature.

If you’re ambitious, you can make a quick and easy chicken soup with your child in the slow cooker.  Pre-cut the remaining carrots with some celery and onions.  Get a roaster while you are at the grocery store and tear up the chicken.  Allow your child to combine the ingredients with broth or stock into the slow cooker.  Add some salt and pepper, and you can then let it run while you are outside playing with your kid in the snow.  When you come back in the house, you can have a quick and easy chicken soup.  It may not be the greatest, but at least it is hot, and it’ll be easier to get your child to eat it because he made it.

By the way, while you are out there shopping this weekend, make sure you get a sled if you don’t have one already.

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  1. Ed the Mets Fan says:

    As I can never have children, reading articles like this makes me feel depressed.

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