Congratulations Colby Woodmansee

On June 21, 2016, the Mets fifth round draft pick, Colby Woodmansee, played shortstop for the Brooklyn Cyclones.  He made it.  Woodmansee is now a professional baseball player.  It was a day both he and his father were eagerly awaiting their entire lives:

With the major league team just one borough away, it is easy to overlook the fact that the Cyclones are also comprised of professional baseball players who are living out their dream.    In our discussions about whether or not a certain player can actually make it to the majors, we lose sight of the fact that these are players who have made a major accomplishment by playing in the New York-Penn League.  Each and every player and their families should take time to be proud of and celebrate that achievement like the Woodmansees did yesterday.

And Woodmansee had a lot to celebrate.  He went out there and collected his first professional hit, run, RBI, and walk.  Overall, he went 2-3 with a walk, two runs, and two RBI.  He was the player of the game.  His team won the first ever professional game he played.  Cyclones fans and his family rejoiced.  Woodmansee’s childhood dreams finally came true.

There will be time to discuss what a night like that means for Woodmansee vis-a-vis his projectability to the next level of the minors and/or his chances of ever playing for the big league club.  Ultimately, that was not what that night was about.  That night was about a player fulfilling his dream.

Congratulations to Colby Woodmansee.

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