Carlos Beltran Still the Best of the 2006 Mets

Initially during the rain out, I was watching Amazin’ Finishes featuring either the 2007 or 2008 season. In other words, two years that decidedly didn’t have amazing finishes. I decided to turn it off. 

Then something struck me. It’s been 10 years since 2006. Looking back at that roster, only five of the 49 players who appeared in a game for that team are still in the majors. Seeing how most of those players have retired and the changes roles of the other five, it’s really shows you how much things have changed. 

David Wright – he was the young star then, but now with the spinal stenosis and herniated disc in his neck, you wonder how much longer he has. 
Jose Reyes – back then he was charmingly seen as Wright’s partner in crime. There’s no charm in that anymore with the allegations against him that never went to trial. His future is uncertain now that rookie Trevor Story has claimed the shortstop position for the Rockies. 
 Oliver Perez – there was a time during Game 7, that you thought you would he would’ve been forever loved. Problem is he stayed too long. He eventually became an effective relief pitcher, and now, he’s helping the Nationals try to get to the World Series. 
Mike Pelfrey – Pelfrey was the rookie pressed into action due to a number of injuries. He struggled as he wasn’t ready, and he was sent back to the minors. Now, he’s a 32 year old veteran starter for the Tigers who is struggling. 
Carlos Beltran – he was the best player on the planet in 2006. He is on his way to the Hall of Fame. He’s also still a very productive player:

It is amazing to look back and see how much has changed. It’s even more amazing to see that Beltran is still the best of this group. He was a special player, and Mets fans were lucky to see him play everyday for seven years. 

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  1. ray sadecki says:

    Hi Metsdaddy,

    I know you from MMO, I dont post there too much these days but I was checking some baseball stats and I was checking on any Reyes news and baseball reference had a link to this article. That 2006 team was basically Reyes,Wright,Beltran and a bunch of geezers so its not much of a surprise that only 5 remain. I don’t think David has too long to go and I was against re-signing reyes to megabucks. Now personal problems have him out of the game and thats a shame. I fondly remember our 2 young stars smoking their stogies after clinching the division that year.
    Beltran has been in decline until this years resurrection. I am glad for him as he has always been a class act with the exception of the VA hospital snub. Is he a sure hall of famer? 400 homers and 300 SBs look good but a career .280 BA is not that impressive. The gold glove at a premium position will help though. If he gets in I doubt it will be on the first ballot. Time will tell.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I doubt Beltran is first ballot as well, but I think he ultimately gets in.

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