Trivia Friday: Shortest Tenures By Mets Managers

It’s a sad day to be a Mets fan, but given the news, it seemed fitting to have this week’s trivia question focus on the shortest tenures by a Mets manager.

Can you name them? Good luck!

Carlos Beltran Mike Cubbage Salty Parker Roy McMillan Frank Howard

Trivia Friday: Best MLB Players Of 2010 Decade

A month from now, Pitchers and Catchers will begin reporting, and soon thereafter, a new decade of Major League Baseball will be upon us. Before that happens, lets take a look back at the players who were the best for their respective teams over the past decade.

Brett Gardner Mookie Betts Manny Machado Jose Bautista Evan Longoria Miguel Cabrera Alex Gordon Joe Mauer Corey Kluber Chris Sale Marcus Semien Mike Trout Felix Hernandez Jose Altuve Adrian Beltre Jacob deGrom Stephen Strasburg Cole Hamels Giancarlo Stanton Freddie Freeman Yadier Molina Andrew McCutchen Joey Votto Jonathan Lucroy Anthony Rizzo Buster Posey Clayton Kershaw Chase Headley Nolan Arenado Paul Goldschmidt

Trivia Friday: Tallest Major League Players

With the Mets officially signing and introducing Dellin Betances, the team has not only acquired one of the best relievers in the game (when healthy), but with Betances standing at 6’8″,  they have also obtained one of the tallest players in Major League history.

Of the 10 tallest, four of them have played with the Mets. That includes the tallest Major League player in history. Can you name all 10 players? Good luck!

Jon Rauch Randy Johnson Eric Hillman Chris Young Mark Hendrickson Richie Sexson Tyler Glasnow Logan Ondrusek Doug Fister

Trivia Friday: Best Mets Pitchers of 2010 Decade

The 2010s saw the first no-hitter in Mets history as well as the first back-to-back Cy Young winner. There was an All Star Game start, a Rookie of the Year, and so much more.

Through it all, can you name the 10 best pitchers of the decade? Good luck!

Jacob deGrom Noah Syndergaard Matt Harvey Zack Wheeler Jon Niese R.A. Dickey Steven Matz Bartolo Colon Seth Lugo Jeurys Familia

Trivia Friday: Best Mets Position Players Of 2010 Decade

Over the course of the 2010 decade, we saw the Madoff scandal, a rebuild, a pennant, and a whole lot of losing. Through it all, we saw some terrific players and performances. Can you name the top 10 Mets position players over the course of the decade? Good luck!

David Wright Daniel Murphy Michael Conforto Curtis Granderson Lucas Duda Juan Lagares Asdrubal Cabrera Jose Reyes Yoenis Cespedes Travis d’Arnaud

Trivia Friday: Best Pitchers of 2010 Decade

With the 2010 decade in the books, at least in a baseball sense, it is time to start looking at who were some of the best players over the course of the decade. For starters, can you name who were the best pitchers over the course of the decade (minimum 700.0 IP)? Good luck!

Clayton Kershaw Jacob deGrom Cliff Lee Noah Syndergaard Chris Sale Corey Kluber Roy Halladay Stephen Strasburg Gerrit Cole Max Scherzer

Trivia Friday: Mets Owners

Well, it has finally happened. The day Mets fans have been dreaming of for nearly a decade now. That leaves us with the question, can you name the majority owners of the team? Good luck!

Trivia Friday: Players Who Have Won MVP & Rookie Of The Year

As the Mets plan to build a World Series winner in 2020, they are going to need someone to take the next step. One of the ways that could happen is either Pete Alonso or Jacob deGrom becoming the 27th player in Major League history to win both a Rookie of the Year Award and an MVP.

Can you name those other 26 players? Good luck!

Jackie Robinson Don Newcombe Willie Mays Frank Robinson Orlando Cepeda Willie McCovey Pete Rose Dick Allen Rod Carew Johnny Bench Thurman Munson Fred Lynn Andre Dawson Cal Ripken Jr. Jose Canseco Jeff Bagwell Albert Pujols Ichiro Suzuki Ryan Howard Justin Verlander Ryan Braun Dustin Pedroia Buster Posey Bryce Harper Mike Trout Kris Bryant Cody Bellinger

Trivia Friday: Rule 5 Picks Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame

The Mets added Andres Gimenez, Jordan Humphreys, Ali Sanchez, and Thomas Szapucki to the 40 man roster protecting them from the Rule 5 Draft. This leaves the Mets hoping they won’t lose players like Patrick Mazeika and Shervyen Newton.

To that end, the Mets also hope they can find a player in the Rule 5 Draft who will have a positive impact in 2020. While Johan Santana and Jose Bautista are the ideal, they’ll certainly settle for a player like Sean Gilmartin, who was a valuable reliever in that 2015 bullpen.

While you are looking for All-Stars and valuable contributors, the dream is you draft a future Hall of Famer. In Major League history, that feat has only been accomplished three times. Can you name the three players? Good luck!

Red Faber Hack Wilson Roberto Clemente

Trivia Friday: Pitchers Who Won Rookie of the Year and Two Cy Young Awards

In the 2019 season, Major Leauge history was set with two pitchers doing something which had only been accomplished once in Major League history – adding a second Cy Young to a Rookie of the Year award. Can you now name the three people who have accomplished this feat? Good luck!

Tom Seaver Justin Verlander Jacob deGrom