Raising a Mets Fan

Citi Field Hidden Photo Spot

There are many spots people congregate to take pictures of either themselves or the group: the Shea Bridge, down by the railing of their section using the field as a backdrop, or behind center field with Mr. Met.

Each of these spots has an issue. You wait in line for Mr. Met. There’s a ton of traffic on the Shea Bridge. You have to fight other people and the ushers to get a picture towards the railing of the section.

This pretty much means if you want to take a picture inside Citi Field, you’re dealing with a hassle. That is unless you are taking your picture with the M&Ms:

As you may be able to tell, this is right before the Shea Bridge, and even with the amount of foot traffic in the area, this side section is largely undisturbed.

This allows you to set up a fun picture without waiting or much of a hassle. That is unless this now catches on . . . .

Newborn Mets Blog Post

The other night, my infant son woke up early while I was doing work on the computer.  Since I couldn’t put him back down, I offered to let him share his thoughts on the Mets.  This is what he had to say about the team:

\’===                                            NM              HHGBV V C VC                                                                                                            f b  ZZZZZNJASsssssssssssssf8gti8888888888888888888888888888888r77AWEDXTX7777777777777777777776CCC7UXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXCU677UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHJJUUUU821777777777777777B111212NMND sdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddx;lerdtloKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKM              ZZN

I’m sure many of you will hilariously say this is nothing different than what I already write or that it’s even better than my Mets analysis. 

16 Beats a 1, Cubs Win World Series, Mets Are The Mets

Last night was one of those nights. You were forever going to tell people where you were. For me, I was sitting on my couch with a cranky baby and four year old. Why were they so cranky?

Well, because I’m me, an avid sports fan and idiot, I woke them up to watch the final few minutes of the Virginia-UMBC game. History was being made, and I wanted them to see something that never happened before – a 16 beating a 1. The final score was as startling as the upset itself with UMBC winning 74-54.

As an aside, Ralph Sampson and his UVA teammates can rest assured they are no longer the Cavalier team who is mentioned as the biggest upset of all time in college basketball. No, that 1982 loss by number one ranked Viriginia to Division III Chaminade will fall by the wayside – even if that was the much bigger upset.

But I digress.

Last night was one of those great moments in sports history, and you didn’t want to miss it. I know I didn’t want my boys to miss it.

It’s not too dissimilar when I woke up my oldest to watch the end of Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. What’s funny about that game was instead of tuning in for the ninth, he was tuned into all the hysteria which included a miracle game tying three run homer by Rajai Davis off Aroldis Chapman, a rain delay, and Ben Zobrist‘s game and World Series RBI double.

For the first time in 108 years, the Cubs won the World Series. My son was watching it much like he was last night when a 16 seed beat a 1 seed for the first time in 136 tries (34 years).

It once again shows that the impossible can happen in sports. As a proud parent, it’s just proof positive that everything has been amazing since my son was born.

Speaking of amazing, the one thing he hasn’t seen is the Mets win the World Series.

Who knows? With Mickey Callaway at the helm, maybe things will be different. Maybe Michael Conforto being ahead of schedule is a good thing instead of the typical Mets unnecessarily pushing an injured player to play (see Beltran, Carlos).

Maybe, just maybe that’ll be the case instead of this being the typical Mets. After all, the Cubs have won the World Series and a 16 has beat a 1.

This could be the Mets years. Probably not.

Ten Apples Pop On Up!


In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, this Mets story has been adapted from “Ten Apples Up On Top!”

One apple pops on up!

Two apples pop on up!

Look, Nimmo.
I can do it, also.

Plawecki can hit three!

Three . . .
Three . . .
‘ll see.

He can do three
but d’Arnaud can do more.
Kevin has three
but TdA has four.

Look! Watch! Now!
Amed can bop
watch four homers
put the Mets on top.

Amed can bop
he’s swinging free
with four long
homers you can’t see.

Look here, you four.
Watch here, you four.
Wilmer can get five
home runs.
Who hits more?

Bruce is so good
He will not stop
Now six!
Now seven apples pop on up!

Seven apples
pop on up!

Mets are
so good
No pitcher can stop.

Five, six, seven!
Home Run, Home Run, Home Run!
Seven, six, five
four, three, two, one!

But wait!
Frazier is as good as Bruuuce.
Wow! He has also let seven loose.

And Yo!, Cespedes!.
Eight!  Eight pop up!
Eight apples up!
No ball will drop.

Eight!  Eight!
Trotting to home plate.
Watch now!
A bat flip and slow trot
to home plate.

But Wright can do nine.
It’s gone
in a blink!
No other team can do this,
I think.

Yo hits!  Bruce hits!
Wright hits one too.
It’s outta here!
For the orange and blue!

The Mets are so good,
Pitcher’s on the brink.
With nine, he’s gone
and he needs a drink.

Nine is very good.
But then . . .
Conforto will make it ten!

The Mets Home Run Apple
will not drop!

Look out!
Look out!
It’s not going to drop.

The Mets hit another
long ball.
Get out.  Get out.  You!
It’s a curtain call!

Home Run!  Home Run!
Another long ball
The Mets will not let
that apple fall!

Another on the way!
The Mets will not stop.
They will not let
the Home Run Apple drop.

The pitcher doesn’t feel good.
What can he do?
When apples start popping
for the orange and blue.

The Mets will hit them
once they see them.
Home run!  We can not
stop watching them.

It has a chance!
Home Run!
Home Run!
Home Run!

No pitcher can stop
Mets apple fun.
That apple will not drop.
Here’s another one!

Another one!  Another one!
Another one! Home runs all!
That Home Run apple will not fall.

They cannot get
that apple down.
Home runs!  Home runs!
Flying out of town!

Apples pop on up!
What an incredible

No pitcher can
make Mets fun stop!
Our Home Run Apple
is never going to drop.

Ten apples
Another curtain call!

What fun!
When Mets fans watch
those homers go over the wall.


That was awesome, and for some reason, I think this will be one of those “Where were you moments?”

Thanks to my youngest being a month old, I was up with him with that epic five point eighth end which all but assured the Gold.

And I was up at 4:08 A.M. when the US won their first Olympic Gold in curling!


McDonalds Removes Slice of Cheese From Happy Meal, AHA Applauds Inane Decision

Recent reports indicate McDonalds is making efforts to make their Happy Meals healthier by eliminating both cheeseburgers and chocolate milk as menu options.  In reaching this decision, McDonalds said it will “reinforce responsible marketing to children.”  (CNN Money).

In a ridiculous move, the American Heart Association championed the move and encouraged other fast food restaurants to follow McDonalds lead.

Upon reading all of this, my first reaction was, “Do they all realize this is McDonalds we are talking about?”

My next reaction was all of this hullabaloo over a piece of cheese?

If you go to McDonalds’ Nutritional Page, you will see the slice of cheese adds 50 calories and three grams of fat.  Conversely, it also reduces the amount of Vitamin A and calcium in the meal.

Now, the cheeseburger does have 100 more calories than the McNuggets but just one fewer gram of fat.  By the way, McNuggets are an absolute zero nutritionally as they have no Vitamin A or calcium and just two grams a piece of Vitamin C and iron.  Those McNuggets may not be made of pink slime, but given their lack of anything of nutritional value, it is hard to imagine they are made out of anything resembling chicken.

By the way, that is the nutritional information before you consider using a sugar laced dipping sauce.  Seeing the combination of the two, it makes you question what the hysteria is over a slice of cheese.

The disparity between the chocolate milk and the juice box leads to the same shrug as to why you are making an issue over fewer calories and nutrients.

More to the point, this is a Happy Meal.  No parent is under any delusions this is remotely healthy.  That is the case even with the apple slices that never brown or the yogurt which is really nothing more than creamed sugar with a slightly sour taste to it. Seriously, have you ever seen an apple not brown?  Why would anything think it’s healthy?

Overall, McDonalds is supposed to be nothing more than an occasional treat and not the basis of a daily diet.  We all know this.  That includes McDonalds and the American Heart Association who are all grandstanding on a slice of cheese.

It’s idiotic, and it’s a falsehood.

Really, if you are that concerned over a slice of cheese or chocolate milk, you would not be going to McDonalds in the first place.

Baby Crying? Try Music

When your children are newborn, the only way they can truly communicate is crying.

Full diaper?  Cry

Hungry?  Cry

Want attention?  Cry

Bored, upset, angry, happy?  Cry, cry, cry cry.

Point is there are many reasons why a baby cries.  As parents, there are just so many things you can do to help.

Change the baby.  Feed the baby.  Give the baby a pacifier.  Bounce the baby on your knee.  Hold the baby.  Rock the baby.

Sometimes it helps.  Sometimes it doesn’t.

And when it doesn’t, you find yourself running through the gamut as the baby gets more and more upset.  That’s when the cries grow louder and louder and seemingly more and more pained.

To avoid all of that, I have one suggestion.  When your baby begins crying or looks to get to that point, quickly put on some music.  At a minimum, the hope is that it soothes the baby.  Maybe, it will even be exactly what your baby wanted all along.

The easiest way to handle the situation is to have a song ready to go on your phone.  Whether it is itunes or You Tube, be ready to quickly turn the song on.

If you are looking for a song to pick, I will say Lou Christie’s Lightnin Strikes worked for both of my sons.  Hopefully, it will for you as well:

I’m Why The Wilpons Get Away With This

Like many Mets fans, I was irritated about how last offseason was handled. 

They brought back a team who was not good enough to win the Wild Card Game expecting them to both stay healthy and win a World Series. 

As we know, it all fell apart. That’s what happens when Jacob deGrom and Jerry Blevins were the only two players to last the full season on the roster without hitting the Disabled List. 

The Mets postseason chances ended in injuries culminating in a 70-92 record. 

Even better, Sandy Alderson completely botched the fire sale. The Mets traded Jay Bruce, Lucas DudaCurtis Granderson, Addison Reed, and Neil Walker for a group of Minor League right-handed relieves. Oh, and sweet, sweet salary relief. 

The plan of action would’ve been acceptable had the team opted to reinvest that money in the team. Well, not only did the Mets opt not to reinvest that money, they decided to hold onto more of it. 

That’s right. Despite a good core that includes Noah SyndergaardMichael Conforto, and Amed Rosario, the Mets are refusing to spend what is needed to get this team to .500 let alone the postseason. 

How do I respond to this?

Yup, I got a knit Mets hat for my newborn son. Apparently, despite everything, I want him to be a Mets fan just like my entire family. 

I know why. It’s because if the shared experiences. I want to be able to enjoy the rare times the Mets are relevant with my sons. 

I want to go to games with them and tell them I got to see players like Mike PiazzaDavid Wright, and Carlos Beltran. I want to celebrate the Mets next World Series title with them. 

Hell, I’d love to do that with my Dad as well. However, with the way this team is being operated from a financial and personnel standpoint, it seems like that’s becoming less and less of a possibility. 

Sadly, the Wilpons don’t care about my story or other fans stories. They don’t have to because they’re making money anyway. They don’t have to because fans like me keep coming back for more, and even worse, we begin the process of indoctrinating our children at a young age. 

So yes, I’m to blame why the Wilpons get away with operating the Mets this way. However, only the Wilpons themselves are to blame for choosing to operate the team this way. 

New Year’s Resolution: Take Photos of Your Kids Everyday

Each and every year, we all set forth New Year’s Resolutions, and they all fail miserably.  In fact, according to Business Insider, 80% of resolutions fail by February.

There are a multitude of reasons why, but for the most part, they fail because we all know we are biting off more than we can chew in making these resolutions.  It’s difficult to take a bad habit or something wrong and put all that pressure on ourselves and change it overnight.

So instead of making the same resolutions you use each year and watch them fail, we should all look to make an easier resolution.  That resolution should be to take a photo of your children each and every day.

Look, we are always on our phones and those phones have cameras on them.  Why not take an opportunity and just take a picture of your child?

On a personal front, I have taken at least one photo of my son everyday since he was born.  He’s now four.  As Christmas comes along, I go on Snapfish, and I create a photo calendar of just pictures of him. Each and every day is literally a snapshot of my son from that particular day.

It’s not all set pictures.  I wait for moments.  Working hard trying to write – Take a picture.  Reading a book – Take a picture.  Soccer or ice skating – Take a picture.  Cute expression watching TV or sleeping – Take a picture.

Point is there is something our kids do each and every day that is more than worthy of capturing for posterity’s sake.

Personally, I get the joy of scrolling through a year’s worth of pictures.  I get to see how he’s grown, and how much he has changed over the past year.  With that, I’m able to create a gift for my family that everyone loves.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely doing it from your phone.  If so, just take a quick picture of your kid.  Make it a habit.  Save the photos.  Load it to Snapfish.  Enjoy it forever.

In the end, you’ll have a New Year’s Resolution well worth keeping, and one that is fairly easy to keep.

New Mets Fan