Dominic Smith Needs To Be Called Up Now

The New York Mets made the right decisions calling up Mark Vientos and Francisco Álvarez. When the Mets went out at the trade deadline and obtained Daniel Vogelbach, they needed to find a right-handed platoon option for him. Darin Ruf didn’t work, and then, he hit the IL with an injury.

You can and should argue the Mets should have called either one of their top prospects up sooner. That would have allowed them to grow and develop to be more ready for this moment. However, that’s not what happened leaving the Mets to hope either player could catch lightning in a bottle.

The thing is neither player caught lightning in a bottle. They were also given a couple of different chances to come through in big spots, and both players failed. In no way should that shape our opinion of their futures of Major League players. However, it should make us question if they are truly ready for this moment.

This is unfair, and it is based on far too small a sample size. However, that’s all the Mets have available. What we have to look at right now is Vientos has a 60 wRC+ and 31.4 K% in 35 plate appearances. That puts him far ahead of Álvarez who has no hits and three strike outs in eight Major League plate appearances where he’s looked completely overmatched.

Fortunately, the Mets still have three games remaining in the season where they can give both players a bit of an extended look. Maybe one catches hot, and the team can carry them on the postseason roster. Chances are, neither one will, and the Mets will be left flipping a coin as to which one should be on the postseason roster.

At this point, we should say it does not have to be up to these two prospects. At some point, the Mets need to put Dominic Smith in the mix, and that moment needs to be now. With neither prospect producing, the Mets are out of excuses for leaving Smith off the Major League roster.

Yes, we know he struggled and did not produce in two years. There was the shoulder injury last year. This season, the Mets opted to ice him to try to allow Robinson Cano and J.D. Davis win the job. By the time it came to Smith again, he was hurt and in the minors. He lost a chance he never really received in the first place.

With Syracuse, Smith had a 122 wRC+. September was his best month of the season. In 21 games, he hit .294/.351/.541 with three doubles, six homers, and 18 RBI.

He looked like Smith does when he’s at his best. No, it hasn’t worked in the majors of late. Then again, it hasn’t for Álvarez or Vientos. Of the trio, Smith is the only one who has had success in the majors.

The Mets have three games remaining. Let Smith go head-to-head-to-head with Álvarez and Vientos. Whoever is hitting makes the roster.

6 Replies to “Dominic Smith Needs To Be Called Up Now”

  1. Longtimefan1 says:

    Mets have no proven right hand hitting DH options. The lelft-hand hitting Smith can’t possibly be one for obvious reasons which you never mentioned in your article.

    He’s also battled depression this season on-field and off. Now you want to throw him into the fire, to face left hand playoff pitching in a matter of days when he’s struggled in the majors rather badly in both 2021 and 2022..

    The Mets front office and Buck Showalter are responsible for the right hand hitting pinch hitting/DH role disaster. They have no viable depth since they traded JD Davis (and 3 others ) for Darin Ruf who hasn’t hit a lick. A terrible trade that’s turned out even worse than imagined. Later, they call up Vientos and then misuse him the way they did JD. Certain players need to regularly play to produce but Effler and Showalter failed both and the team.

  2. David Klein says:

    Usual insane article dude has been a terrible mlber and has no power or defensive value in the majors. Oh and saying Alvarez isn’t ready based on eight at bats lmao.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I said Álvarez should play all three games to try to get him in a rhythm to see if they can carry him on the roster, so naturally, you argue with a point I didn’t make.

  3. jrpk says:

    Why do the Mets need another left-handed DH? It is the only reason they have Vogelbach. That’s like saying, the Mets should get Daniel Jankowski back now that they have Terrance Gore. He serves one purpose and it’s well covered.
    Dom Smith is a likeable guy but he had more than his share of opportunities to remain on the roster. The Mets ate Cano’s contract to keep Smith after a 4-hit game. After that he produced nothing.
    The National League got screwed on the DH. When the NL teams went to DH they best DH’s were already taken. All AL teams should have been required to place one roster position player on waivers during the 2021 off-season.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      It’s just finding guys who can hit and help.

      Dom could’ve served a purpose.

  4. David Klein says:

    Dom can’t hit he’s proved that over 1400 career at bats.

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