Michael Conforto Shouldering Difficult Free Agency

The Michael Conforto free agency was always going to be an odd one. There is plenty there with him to say he is ready to resume his All-Star form, but then again, he’s had injury issues, and he did not perform in 2021 as a result of COVID and his ensuing injuries.

Typically speaking, we see players like Conforto either accept the qualifying offer, or we see him signing a one year deal for a good chunk of money. Sometimes, there is just that one team who jumps and gives an offer a player like Conforto can’t turn down.

What is odd is none of that has happened with Conforto. In fact, it would seem as if Conforto has no no market whatsoever this offseason. That is just beyond bizarre for a player who is just 29, has been an All-Star, and appears set to thrive with the impending rules removing the shift.

According to Scott Boras, this is because Conforto hurt his right shoulder while working out in January during the lockout. Earlier in his career, he dislocated his left shoulder. That’s not great.

Getting the first issue out of the way, we probably shouldn’t doubt the shoulder injury reports. After all, Boras isn’t in the business of driving down the market or asking prices for his clients. Reporting about a shoulder injury would do just that for Conforto.

While this could explain the cool market for Conforto now (assuming teams knew), this doesn’t explain why there never seemed to be a market for the outfielder. There were rumors the Colorado Rockies were once interested, but they settled on Kris Bryant. Beyond the Rockies, it doesn’t appear anyone was truly interested.

Again, this is just bizarre. Really, Conforto would help all 30 teams. That goes double with the presence of the DH. Conforto remains a good right fielder who can spell left and center when needed. He is a good hitter who appears set to pick up where he left off in 2020. Well, that was at least until he injured his shoulder.

Again, it would appear a Conforto/Mets reunion makes sense for both sides. Conforto has been a good Met, and the team still needs outfield depth. Hopefully, it gets done because if it doesn’t the Mets are going to need to find real depth, and Conforto is just going to have to shoulder on.