Ken Rosenthal Firing Bad News For MLB Lockout

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post broke the news MLB Network has not renewed Ken Rosenthal’s contract. Rosenthal, himself, confirmed the story.

It was more than just renewing his contract. Rosenthal saw his airtime and duties significantly dwindle after he was critical of Commissioner Rob Manfred’s handling of the COVID19 pandemic.

That’s how thin-skinned Manfred is. He got rid of perhaps the highest profiled reporter in the sport because he was critical of him. Keep in mind, it’s probably the one time it’s happened with Rosenthal. Like Glass Joe, Manfred couldn’t take one punch.

It didn’t matter to Manfred it exposed MLB Network as state run media. It also didn’t matter no one was going to side with him. What mattered was there was a slight, and he was going to get his revenge.

Really, this can’t bode well for the MLB lockout.

Through the years, the players have publicly questioned Manfred and MLB. Just the other day, Max Scherzer spoke out about the lockout with Jorge Castillo of the LA Times.

Scherzer took aim and unequivocally put the integrity of the game into the debate. He drew clear lines on how the players are fighting for it, and MLB is fighting to suppress player salaries.

Scherzer is far from alone in these sentiments. Therein lies the problem. Manfred sees and hears all of this, and we know he will go out for blood even when it’s not in his and the sport’s best interests.

Everything said by the players and the MLBPA will likely force Manfred to dig his heels in further. He will seek a way to have his revenge. In all likelihood, he will drag it out as long as he can to try to declare complete victory.

That’s exactly what he did with Rosenthal. He waited over a year, and after punishing him, he got rid of him for one comment. Considering the history with MLB and the MLBPA, things can be so much worse with the lockout.

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  1. Frank Dowd says:

    Manfred has been an embarrassment from the day he got the job. He almost seems unstable. He is the absolute worst person to have any power in a negotiation. MLB should tank this guy!

    1. Aaron Wilkinson says:


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