Seiya Suzuki Well Worth A Gamble

Takahashi Kashiwada. Tsuyoshi Shinjo. Satoru Komiyama. Kazuo Matsui. Ryota Igarashi. With all due respect to Masato Yoshii, the New York Mets forays into Japan have typically ended very poorly.

While the process and luck has been bad, it’s meaningless when looking to any players out of Japan. Enter Seiya Suzuki.

The 27 year old Suzuki has been a great hitter in Japan with an OPS over 1.000 in three out of the last four seasons. In terms of age and production, it’s where Hideki Matsui was before coming to the New York Yankees.

Matsui thrived in New York. He was a two Time All-Star and a World Series MVP. Again, this means nothing as compared to Suzuki. All it does is just show a Japanese star in his prime can thrive in New York.

There seems to be a consensus Suzuki will sign for an AAV between $7 – $10 million per year. MLB Trade Rumors predicted Suzuki would sign for five years $55 million.

Some believe he’s a five tool player, and he’s the best player in Japan. Some wonder if he can translate his skills to Major League pitching. No one knows, but at that price, it’s worth the gamble for the Mets.

Remember, they don’t just need one outfielder; they need two. Right now, Brandon Nimmo is their only real Major League everyday outfielder on the roster.

As we see, the Mets options are flawed and limited. They need to re-sign Michael Conforto, and they still need another outfielder. No one on the free agent market has Suzuki’s upside.

When you need two outfielders in a thin free agent class, you need to take some calculated risks. If you’re the Mets, and you’re really going to go for it, $10 million to Suzuki is a worthwhile gamble.

Past history with Japanese players should mean nothing. All that matters is the Mets have a desperate need for an outfielder, they have money, and Suzuki could be great for them.

4 Replies to “Seiya Suzuki Well Worth A Gamble”

  1. royhobbs7 says:

    Once again, you hit it out of the park. Suzuki would be a great gamble for the Mets. If he approached anything close to what Hideki Matsui produced for the Yankees, it would be a successful signing.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      And if he doesn’t, Cohen said handle $10 million

  2. Moose says:

    I would jump in for starter like 9-10 million for 5 yrs. If we must go say to 12-15 for 5yrs. option for sixth year. Jump in big to make a fast move. That size first offer would knock a lot of another team interested. Why mess around.

    1. Moose says:

      I forgot to add if there is a coach/translator that he wants to add that into the package we should go for it.

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