Sandy Alderson Needlessly Taking Shots At Michael Conforto

Because it’s what Scott Boras does, he held court at the GM Meetings. During that time, he drummed up hype for Michael Conforto calling him the “King of Queens” and the “Ace of many GM’s hearts.”

Of course, because it’s Boras, and the New York Mets are the New York Mets, Boras took a shot at the Mets. This time, instead of criticizing how they won’t spend (Steve Cohen is not the Wilpons), he mocked them for being the only team without a GM at the GM Meetings.

Alderson couldn’t let this slight stand. So, he made sure to take it out on Conforto, a player who literally teared up on the field at the prospect of playing his last game in a Mets uniform.

Conforto was an All-Star. He hit two homers in a World Series game. He emerged as a leader. He’s been one of the best homegrown position players in Mets history, and he’s scattered across the top 10 in the record books.

Put the Boras hype aside. This was a very good player for your franchise. He’s been a good citizen the franchise continuously put in harm’s way without so much as a complaint from him (at least not publicly). This is a player who deserves respect, and frankly, this is the exact player you should want to keep.

But no, Alderson thinks calling Conforto a terrific player deserving of a big contract is just Boras being a blowhard. That’s an awfully nice way to treat Conforto.

But this is the standard course for Alderson. He eventually grows to have no use for Mets homegrown players, especially when he can get draft pick compensation – just ask Daniel Murphy and Jose Reyes for starters.

But hey, he always fails to adequately replace the players he unceremoniously dumps. Good thing he’s standing in the way of a president of baseball operations or GM who’d look to keep the good players the franchise produces and not needlessly insult them on their way out.

9 Replies to “Sandy Alderson Needlessly Taking Shots At Michael Conforto”

  1. John From Albany says:

    Another good one MD. When you hear Sandy say things like that you realize that Omar was better, Brody was better – that says a lot. Who would want to work for a guy like this?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Hold on a minute. BVW was the absolute worst

  2. Joe says:

    Conforto sucked as a met I’m a contract year, that says a lot about a player, I was his biggest fan and he will probably do good elsewhere. But no way can the Mets pay him what he expects. He failed miserably in a showcase season. How can you trust that at multi year 25+ mil per???? No way, that would be terrible business

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Even if what you say is true, that’s not a reason to mock him

  3. Joe says:

    Agree, his comments should be directed towards boras who loves to mock the mets. Conforto did not deserve that.

  4. Metsvibes says:

    Did Alderson mock Conforto no he did not he mocked Boras who by the way IS a blowhard. The way writers take a comment and use it to make stories makes me laugh. I don’t like Alderson as the acting GM but until someone does writers should be more “verace.”.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Boras: Conforto is great
      Sandy: Boras’ comments about Conforto makes him a blowhard.

  5. TheGhostofKelenic says:

    If Conforto was indeed a leader for the New York Mets then he was a TERRIBLE LEADER.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      That’s ridiculous

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