Neon Moment Of The Week: Tomas Nido Winner

The story of the 2021 New York Mets has been the “Bench Mob.” They’ve been pressed into action much more than anticipated, and they’ve responded by propelling the Mets to first place.

In some ways, the leader of that group is Tomas Nido. More to the point, he’s been the glue guy of the roster. You see it with his wearing Pete Alonso‘s Donnie Stevenson t-shirts and donning Marcus Stroman‘s HDMH caps.

The thing is Nido may not be a “Bench Mob” player anymore. Recently, he’s started to take over as the team’s starting catcher. Yes, it’s partially due to James McCann‘s struggles, but it’s also because of how Nido has played.

So far this year, Nido has been one of, if not the Mets best hitter, and he’s been phenomenal defensively. All told, Nido has been great and has been a driving force for the Mets.

Case-in-point was the Mets game on Tuesday against the Atlanta Braves. The depleted Mets team had squandered a two run lead and found themselves tied at 3-3 in the ninth. That was until Nido homered off it Will Smith:

That homer was the first shot between the Mets and Braves, the two teams who will presumably be fighting for the division. That homer announced to the Braves no matter how many injuries the Mets face, they’re not going anywhere, and they’re going to beat the Braves.

That homer not only sparked the Mets to take that series, but it also was a strong indication this Mets team is the toughest in the game. As it pertains to Nido, it might’ve been a sign he’s ready to become one of the best catchers in the game.

With the Mets beating the hated Braves, and Nido pushing more and more to become the starting catcher, that game winning homer is the Neon Moment of the Week!

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