Brodie Van Wagenen’s Work On Display In 2021 Spring Training

This is the first week of Spring Training, and we are seeing some of the moves Brodie Van Wagenen made on full display. First up was Jarred Kelenic:

Then, we had Simeon Woods Richardson on the mound striking batters out:

Both players are Top 100 prospects he tried to tell is were really five years away or more. As a result, he felt justified trading them in what was nothing short of a grift to strip the future down in an attempt to win before selling.

Van Wagenen traded far more than them, and we will see many of the players he traded away play in the majors in 2021. They will also be impact players. That’s just something to keep in mind while the Mets contend this year and he and Robinson Cano will be out of baseball.

5 thoughts on “Brodie Van Wagenen’s Work On Display In 2021 Spring Training”

  1. TheGhostofKelenic says:

    Drop the mic.

  2. LongtimeFan1 says:

    Brodie is back in baseball.

    The only player I strongly wish had not been traded is Kelenic.

    Perhaps some day we’ll get him back as free agent. He turned down a Seattle extension.

    SWR was a loss but also helped obtain Stroman. so in the end, I can accept.

    As for Sandy Alderson, I wish he hadn’t traded Gimenez who I think will develop into All Star as five tool when the 20+ power emerges which I believe will.

    Mets better sign Lindor to extension because they gave up a lot.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      He should not have traded Kelenic, Dunn, Smith, Santana, Adolph, Taylor, Catalina, and more.

      He was awful at what he did, and no, being a COO of an agency, isn’t being back in baseball

  3. LongTimeFan1 says:

    Yes it is. He;s returned to the agency side of the game and now brings inside info to that role from both sides.

    As for the players Brodie traded other than Kelenic and SWR, I don’t miss them.

    The most recent player I miss is Andres Gimenez whom Alderson traded i wish hadn’t. I think he’s going to become a star. He’s already impressing the Indians with how he plays and his baseball instincts.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      No, he’s out of baseball. He’s not representing anyone, and no team wants to hire him.

      The reason is he’s terrible, and he screwed over the Mets with his complete and utter incompetence

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