Judgment Of Mets On Sugano Begins Today

When it was announced the Mets were out on Tomoyuki Sugano, there were some Mets fans upset. After all, the Mets still need starters, and Sugano is one of, if not the, best available starting pitcher.

Well, today at 5:00 P.M. is the posting deadline for Sugano. Today, he either chooses a new MLB team, or he goes back to play again in Japan.

The option to return to Japan may be more enticing than it normally would for Sugano. There are already reports Sugano had some concerns about playing in the US due to COVID19.

On that front, his current NPL team, the Yomiuri Giants, have offered him a four year deal with opt outs after each season. In essence, the Giants have offered him the opportunity to stay at home one more year, allow the COVID19 situation in the US to improve, and then try again next year.

Still, there is more money on the table in Major League Baseball. There’s arguably greater fame and endorsement opportunities. Also, it’s apparent MLB is where Sugano needs to be.

Right now, there remains about three suitors trying to alleviate Sugano’s fears and selling him on what the future might be. At the moment, we know the Mets aren’t going to be one of those teams.

At 5:00 P.M., we will find out the wisdom of the Mets decision. We will know if they were out because Sugano made it clear he wasn’t ready to sign with an MLB team now due to COVID19. We will know if this current Mets front office weren’t able or weren’t interested in selling Sugano on the Mets and MLB.

Axiomatically, we may also find out if the Mets just had a different value for Sugano than the remaining suitors. Whatever the case, we’ll just know more about this Mets front office today.

Keep in mind, this isn’t final judgment. By no means does that take place now. That occurs when we see the team they take to Opening Day not just this year but in the ensuing years as well. Hopefully, that’ll come with the roster we see for the start of the postseason.

We don’t know much about those rosters right now. The only thing we know is it will not have Sugano. We’ll soon find out the prudence of the Mets being out of the bidding and the wisdom behind the decision.

One thought on “Judgment Of Mets On Sugano Begins Today”

  1. Barry says:

    I think it’s still possible the Mets could wind up with Sugano, if he doesn’t go back to Japan.

    Maybe the Mets made their best offer and then let it play out. Every FA expects the Mets to offer the most and could be trying to take advantage of that. I don’t think Steve Cohen said they were out. I think he said they were focused elsewhere.

    If no other team tops the Mets offer, we may get Sugano.

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