Zero Reason For Mets Fans To Be Concerned

One of the WFAN shows inquired whether Mets fans were starting to “feel anxious.” With all due respect, there’s no reason for any Mets fan to feel this way.

The team has an offer out to James McCann. So far, he has not signed with the Mets, but then again, he hasn’t agreed to terms with anyone. In the event McCann does the unexpected and signs with another team, J.T. Realmuto is still a free agent.

In addition to McCann and Realmuto, the following players remain on the free agent market:

  1. Trevor Bauer
  2. George Springer
  3. Brad Hand
  4. Liam Hendriks
  5. Masahiro Tanaka

There are many, many more players past that as none of the big ticket free agents have signed. On that note, the Mets have already had a great start to free agency by already bringing Marcus Stroman and Trevor May aboard.

In addition to the free agent market, we haven’t seen the main targets get traded. Those players include but aren’t limited to the following:

  1. Francisco Lindor
  2. Nolan Arenado
  3. Blake Snell
  4. Zack Wheeler
  5. Kris Bryant

There are many more players available beyond that group. Much like the free agents, we have yet to see that blockbuster trade happen. So long as all of these players are available and there remains a multitude of options, there is absolutely no reason to feel anxious.

Remember, these are not the same old Mets. The Wilpons are gone and have been replaced by Steve Cohen. The Mets have money and will not have Jeff Wilpon interfering with Sandy Alderson running a competent organization.

Mets fans just need to relax and wait and see what the team will do this offseason. Based upon how it’s started and the resources available, the only anxiousness Mets fans will likely feel is for the season to come as soon as possible.

3 Replies to “Zero Reason For Mets Fans To Be Concerned”

  1. chris says:

    A lot of talk so far, no real action other than Stroman deciding to stay (not really a negotiation) and getting a reliever (May). We all get nervous given the history of the Wilpons…talk talk talk. This time, show me.

  2. Rich says:

    “Stroman was a mixed blessing at best, if Covid doesn’t send him home again he is a hypocrite and a whore.”

    Hahahahahahaha… I would add that he´s hes short too.

    Good article! I agree the Mets will be fine here. Ya gotta believe in uncle Steve.

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