Tim Tebow Prepares As Broncos Played Without QB Due To COVID19

Well, due to COVID19, the Denver Broncos were forced to play a game today without a QB. Instead, they took an undrafted WR off their practice squad, and they had him start at QB.

The Broncos predictively lost. It was a 31-3 loss as that undrafted WR, Kendall Hinton, was 1/9 for 13 yards and two picks.

Presumably, the Broncos turned over every stone to try to get the win. At some point, you wonder if they called Tim Tebow. It would make sense for them to have done it with Tebow being a former QB, and the QB staying in shape as Tebow tries to become a Major League Baseball player.

On that front, Tebow seems no closer to reaching that goal. He’s dealt with injuries the last few years, and he only hit .163/.240/.255 in 77 Triple-A games last year.

With his production and lack of progress, the Mets understandably did not protect Tebow from the Rule 5 Draft. There’s no reason to believe the 33 year old will get drafted. There’s perhaps less reason to believe Tebow will ever reach the majors.

There’s reasons why Tebow won’t make it to the majors. There is a question of his dedication with his scheduling events during Spring Training and his SEC broadcast work. Mostly, he was just away from baseball too long while he dedicated his life to being an NFL QB.

Maybe ironically, that chance presented itself. We don’t know if the Broncos or Tebow reached out to make that happen. What we do know is Tebow wasn’t a QB on Sunday, and Tebow is not doing enough to play in the MLB in 2021 on any Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Tim Tebow Prepares As Broncos Played Without QB Due To COVID19”

  1. Oldbackstop says:

    You suggest he would be the choice just because he once wore orange?

    I have to ask…..have you ever, at any level, anywhere, played a sport?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      You waste your time with these trolling efforts

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        Tball? Badminton?…..Anything?

        1. metsdaddy says:


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