Robinson Cano PED Suspension Latest Reason Trade Was Dumb

There are times when teams make trades they appear bad in hindsight. The classic example of this was the Nolan Ryan trade. Ryan was an enigmatic right-hander the Mets just couldn’t quite figure out, and they were going to get a former All-Star in Jim Fregosi to handle third. At the time, it made sense, but as time passed it looked worse and worse.

Then there is the Robinson Cano trade.

This was a trade deemed flat out dumb at its inception. It wasn’t just that Cano had what many perceived to be an untradeable contract. That was partially because he was already in his mid 30s. Mostly, it was because he was coming off of a PED suspension which should have cast serious doubt over not only his career stats, but also his ability to produce as he aged. Of course, Brodie Van Wagenen was the one person who actually bought the bogus explanation.

Despite all the red flags and warnings, Van Wagenen went forward to rescue his former client from Seattle to return him to New York like Cano wanted. In the process, he made what ranks among the worst, if not the worst, trades in all of Mets history. Certainly, it is easily the worst Mets trade this century.

Each and every year which passes, this trade gets worse and worse. To put it in perspective, all we need to do is examine where the pieces of this trade are and will be in 2021:

Mariners Return

Gerson Bautista – after dealing with injury issues has signed a minor league deal to return to the Seattle Mariners.

Jay Bruce – Free agent whose $14 million is off the books available for now the Philadelphia Phillies to invest this offseason.

Justin Dunn – projected to be part of the Mariners Opening Day rotation after posting a 104 ERA+ over the past two seasons. Notably, the Mets are looking to build not only a 2021 pitching rotation, but also pitching depth.

Jarred Kelenic – widely seen as one of the top prospects in all of baseball, and he may very well make his MLB debut at some point during the 2021 season.

Anthony Swarzak – did not pitch last year after making $8.5 million in 2019.

Mets Return

Edwin Diaz – after a terrible 2019, he rebounded to have a strong 2020 season albeit one with four blown saves in 10 attempts. The question for him in 2021 is whether his good year, bad year pattern continues.

Really, Diaz is it for the Mets return because Cano is not going to play in 2021. There is now a question about whether he actually plays another game again. Certainly, you could argue the Mets would look to buy him out at some point or just flat out release him. Who knows?

The only thing we do know is Cano is out of baseball in 2021. Perhaps, that is a large reason why Van Wagenen and the person who hired him, Jeff Wilpon, will also be out of baseball. In fact, this trio may very well be and probably should be out for good. That will give them all a front row seat to seeing Kelenic and Dunn lead the Mariners organization back to postseason contention.


3 thoughts on “Robinson Cano PED Suspension Latest Reason Trade Was Dumb”

  1. Oldbackstop says:

    Jeez, you have been bitching about Cano’s contract ad nauseam, now we don’t have to pay it.

    Hey! Let’s play a game and figure out where everyone would be in the Cano trade YOU proposed. Remember? Alonso, Dom Smith, Gimenez “to start” for Cano, Diaz and Haniger (apparently out of baseball?)

  2. Oldbackstop says:

    Okay! Here is the link to your article touting a Cano trade:

    I seem to remember when I pasted it here last time you deleted it….well, interested parties can link back.

    In that one, the Mets gave away:

    — Gimenez, a rookie lined up to be our cheap SS for years to come and a possible GG/AS level talent.

    — Alonso. ROY last year and lined up to be our cheap 1 baseman/DH for years to come.

    — Dom. Led the league in various offensive categories and lined up to be our cheap something for years to come.

    You would taken the full Cano contract on at 24.5 m rather than the money the Mariners kicked in.


    In return, in your deal we would Cano and Diaz, as we did, and also Mitch Haniger. Someone will have to tell me where Mr. Haniger is, maybe selling cars, but he has played very little since the spring of 2019.

    INSTEAD….tbgg e Mets sent Bautista…who doesn’t appear to be a major league talent, Dunn, who has a replacement level back-of the rotation ceiling, and the much feted Kelenic. We also dumped Bruce and Swarzaks contracts on them easing us on 38 mil, plus the Mariners sent @24 mil back, so that is $62 million to the black Brodie recovered over your proposed deal. The Mariners dumped Bruce and Swarzak for little or nothing in return, so they may as well have been cash sent to us.

    So, basically, sorting out the useless vets you wanted to send young major league stars:


    And Brodie sent Bautista, Dunn and Kelenic and got $62 mil back.

    Basically, Cano has almost held his own the last two years in WAR production for his salary. And now, well, maybe we will never pay him a dime. But he swung an elite bat late in 2019 and through 2020….more, be honest, than any of us hoped for….

    Your problem is, you don’t realize we were getting Diaz and Cano to compete in 2019-2023. You wanted to send our young major league core rather then our young farmers. Do you see the logic disconnect?

    You STILL like your deal better? Well, if Kelenic turns out to be more valuable than Dom, Alonso, Gimenez, Diaz and $62 mil combined, you are a hell of a blogger.

    1. Oldbackstop says:

      I guess your GM resume got crumpled up and thrown in the garbage? Lol….

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