Look Past Francisco Lindor, Mets Need Mega-Deal With Indians

The Cleveland Indians are known to be floating Francisco Lindor, and with this being the Indians, they are looking to probably try to contend while also making any deals. That would make sense given their pitching and their keeping another perennial MVP caliber player in Jose Ramirez.

Still, the Indians want us to believe they are cash strapped and need to move a player like Lindor. Presumably, anyone not named Ramirez or Shane Bieber is available to be traded. If that is the case, the Mets need to push and push hard to get a mega-deal done.

In addition to Lindor, the Indians also have Roberto Perez. He’s a 31 year old catcher who is elite defensively with a still very questionable bat. Perez is a relatively expensive $5.5 million, and he will be a free agent after the season. For a Mets team who needs a starting catcher, Perez would be enticing. He also shouldn’t interfere with the presumed chase for James McCann.

On the pitching front, the Indians have Zach Plesac who was an issue for them in terms of the COVID19 infection. The Indians may be reluctant to move him pre-arbitration, and they should. Still, if there are issues between him and the team, the Mets are in a prime position to grab him.

Looking deeper than Plesac, there are useful bullpen arms like Nick Wittgren and a good fourth outfielder in Delino DeShields. Both players are arbitration eligible and could cost more than the Indians are willing to play them. Depending on a potential deal, the Mets could and should be interested in grabbing them in a potential deal.

In return, well, the Mets have plenty to offer the Indians. Given the glut at first base, the Mets could offer one of Pete AlonsoJ.D. Davis, or Dominic Smith. With Davis, the Mets could or should offer both. There is also Brandon Nimmo in the outfield as well as Andres GimenezJeff McNeil, and/or Amed Rosario in the middle infield. Certainly, if you can obtain Perez, the Mets should be willing to move Tomas Nido and/or Ali Sanchez.

If you are going to move from a pool of that Major League talent, thereby freeing up logjams, you can then be in a position to hold onto Francisco AlvarezRonny Mauricio, and/or the other Mets top prospects. That said, if the Mets are given a window to extend Lindor, all bets should be off. Looking at Mookie Betts last year, getting a top five player in his prime is a franchise changer, and it could be what the Mets need to get to the World Series.

All told, the Indians have some pieces the Mets desperately need. Between the Mets need to free up their logjams coupled with the Indians purported need to clear payroll and the Mets newfound financial strength, there is real potential here for a mega-deal. Hopefully, the two sides can get together and get it done.


11 thoughts on “Look Past Francisco Lindor, Mets Need Mega-Deal With Indians”

  1. chris says:

    For Lindor I’d offer Alonso, Rosario, Matz and a pitching prospect. Keep Smith, he’s a better hitter than Pete and a better fielder. Pete could DH and play 1b. Rosario becomes expendable and he is still a young ss. Matz has talent but he needs a change.

  2. Oldbackstop says:

    “”Still, the Indians want us to believe they are cash strapped and need to move a player like Lindor.””

    Why do you post dumbass stuff like this? They didn’t renew Hand, I KNOW you saw and misunderstood that, so why do you doubt their finances? They won’t be able to sign Lindor after this year, so trade him now and get value.

    I don’t see a major improvement over Nido with 31 yo Perez. Nido is strong defensively, the staff likes him, and his bat showed signs of life this year.

    All I want from Cleveland is arms. We have plenty of shortstops and no-hit defensive catchers are a dime a dozen.

    Stop playing fantasy baseball.

    1. Mets Daddy says:

      I forgot. You’re the person who believes everything said to him and questions nothing. You’re the guy who thought Jeff Wilpon and Brodie Van Wagenen was doing a good job.

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        Why would it make sense for the Indians to make anyone believe they are “cash strapped?” How does that help their negotiating stance? If you are not going to believe every cash strapped MLB team, you better get a Xanax script for the next few years.

        1. Mets Daddy says:

          I know Jeff Wilpon has brainwashed you, but MLB franchises don’t lose money.

          That goes double when you factor recent TV rights deals.

  3. Oldbackstop says:

    @Chris. Alonso? That is insane. Lindor is a one year rental. Even if he signs an extension, we could probably just be the high bidder at FA anyway.

    1. Mets Daddy says:

      Just like Mookie Betts

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        Just like Marcus Stroman.

        1. Mets Daddy says:

          I missed the part where the Mets tried to extend Stroman.

          You know who else missed that part?

          Stroman, his agent, and the now former Mets front office.

          1. Oldbackstop says:

            … wanted the Mets to extend him…..when? When he eas sitting at home while the team battled their heart out for a playoff berth that a mediocre performance from him would have wrapped up?

            — when Covid came roaring back this month and Stroman….the ONLY significant MLB free agent to have gone home last year in fear of Covid….started flirting on Twitter with the Yankees? Do you want us to sign him for 2021, depend on him, and watch him go home again?

            Please explain why this isn’t exactly the LIKELY path for Stroman in 2021?

            Covid will be here. Stroman won’t.

  4. Dan Capwell says:

    Finally, someone who sort of agrees with me on the Indians. Make a trade with them, just not for Lindor.

    Mets get: Austin Hedges, Delino Deshields, and Josh Allen

    Indians get: Amed Rosario and Ali Sanchez

    It’s not a blockbuster by any means but it fills some holes on the bench and the bullpen with real major leaguers. The Indians get a replacement for Lindor.

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