Justin Turner Tests Positive For COVID19 While Winning World Series

Well, if you were looking for the perfect way to cap off the 2020 baseball season and this entire year, MLB just gave it to you. Justin Turner was removed from Game 6 of the World Series because he tested positive for COVID19.

Apparently, Turner was allowed to play despite an inconclusive test necessitating this test. Somehow, it then took seven innings to relay the information from the lab to the Dodgers.

In the year 2020, it’s beyond shocking it took that long. With everyone having a phone on them at all times, everyone is always reachable. Getting the info to the Dodgers by even the fourth inning was too late.

Beyond that, there’s the question as to how Turner could’ve become infected when MLB purportedly created a bubble for the World Series. If so, that clearly didn’t work.

Whatever the case, MLB let Turner play despite the absence of a negative test result. They also let him play nearly seven innings after finding out he tested positive.

This put his teammates and the Rays, especially Mike Zunino, at risk of infection. That’s something to think about as the Dodgers players celebrating on the field with their families.

Turner playing and being lifted seven innings after the diagnosis is a complete and utter failure by MLB. In many ways, that’s the perfect way to cap off this 2020 season.

And yes, this was a complete failure. Proof positive of that isn’t just Turner playing. No, it’s his going out there and celebrating the victory.

Regardless, congratulations to the Dodgers and hopefully a quick recovery for Turner.

2 thoughts on “Justin Turner Tests Positive For COVID19 While Winning World Series”

  1. oldbackstop says:

    Concur, Being a jerk is probably why he was dropped by the Orioles, the Mets and the Dodgers before Age 30.

    Still want him next year?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Yes, I want him next year.

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