Give It Up A-Rod, It’s Steve Cohen’s Mets

Facts are facts. Steve Cohen has more money than anyone who was interested in purchasing the Mets. Despite that, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are doing all they can to strike down the deal which will continue on a track towards approval.

First, it was reported A-Rod’s and J-Lo’s purchasing group would be willing to match Cohen’s purchase price in the event Cohen’s deal could not be consummated. After that, a strange onslaught began.

One of the pushes made has been to paint Cohen as a misogynist who is a borderline crook, and is therefore unfit to own an MLB team. Instead, MLB should be looking to lift up minority and female ownership like Lopez.

Of course, their pushing part of this narrative forward completely overlooks the original owner of the Mets was a pioneer in Joan Payson. She was the first woman in professional sports to own an expansion franchise and then lead that franchise to a World Series.

But, that doesn’t fit the narrative, which is all the A-Rod group is pushing now. Narrative.

We’ve heard A-Rod move off of a salary cap to help his cause with Commissioner Rob Manfred to saying he would increase the Mets payroll to $225 million.

There are reports now circulating Mayor Bill DeBlasio may not permit the sale to go forward due to Cohen’s SEC problems. Deesha Thosar of the New York Daily News did a fine breakdown on why some of the rumors are unfounded, but she honestly fell short of a complete debunking.

Look, for every pushing of the narrative Cohen is unfit to own the Mets, there is an equally problematic door for the A-Rod group. Remember, A-Rod has his own issues related to Biogenesis, and that’s not to mention what some of his co-investors have said or done.

Of course, we don’t have to delve deep into any of this because all A-Rod and J-Lo are doing is making noise. This is their Hail Mary attempt to get the Mets.

Much like when A-Rod slapped Bronson Arroyo‘s glove, these last ditch attempts will be futile, and he’s leaving behind a record for everyone to look at and mock for years to come. Much like the 2003 ALCS, this will end in an embarrassing failure for A-Rod.

No matter how much A-Rod whines and tries, this will be Steve Cohen’s Mets. It’s time for him to give up and look to purchase another team.

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