Game 4 of 2020 World Series Is Why Baseball Is Great

Brett Phillips, a .202 career hitter who is little more than a defensive specialist, got a hit with two strikes and two outs in the bottom of the ninth against Kenley Jansen, the Dodgers all-time leader in saves.

Not only did Kevin Kiermaier score the tying run, but due to a bizarre turn of events involving Chris Taylor booting a ball, Max Muncy throwing the ball slightly off line on the relay, and Will Smith whiffing on the catch to make a swipe tag to tag out a runner who wasn’t there, the Rays won the game in improbable fashion.

That run was scored by Randy Arozarena, who ran down the line, fell, and dove back to home plate on the play.

Arozarena lost his father when he was 15, and at the age of 19, he got on a raft across the Gulf of Mexico to defect from Cuba. He arrived safely in Mexico where he played baseball until he was signed by the Cardinals.

He was traded to the Rays this offseason, but his season got off to a late start as he battled COVID19. He’s now tied for the most homers in a postseason, the ALCS MVP, and he just scored one of the most improbable runs in World Series history on a play which will be replayed for ever.

No sport can match either the drama this game provided or the combining of improbable heroes from places around the globe.

Nothing is better than baseball.

2 thoughts on “Game 4 of 2020 World Series Is Why Baseball Is Great”

  1. oldbackstop says:

    The Rays are my rabid baseball fans daughters favorite team behind the Mets. The texts from them during the last innings were absolutely iconic and hysterically funny. I posted them on my Facebook account (with permission of course) and they got hundreds of responses in a few hours in the middle of the night. This is the sort of game that builds fans among the next generation.

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