Mets Lose But Are A Day Closer To Steve Cohen

Look, Rick Porcello wasn’t as bad as his final line indicated. For example, it wasn’t entirely his fault J.D. Davis threw the ball and his glove in the air on an Alec Bohm grounder.

Then again, it was Porcello who allowed the ensuing batter Didi Gregorius to hit a massive two run homer with two outs in the fifth.

In total, Porcello allowed four runs over six, and he pitched well enough to win, especially in that ballpark. The problem was the Mets offense continued to get in its own way. The only run was a Brandon Nimmo homer off Jake Arrieta.

The Mets were 0-for-6 with RISP leaving 12 runners on base. Both Davis and Wilson Ramos hit crippling double plays.

In the sixth, Ramos came up as the go-ahead run. He was facing JoJo Romero who had to enter the game after Arrieta hurt his groin when he plunked Andres Gimenez. Ramos would hit into an inning ending double play.

In the ensuing inning, Nimmo led off the inning with a single, but it didn’t matter as he was erased on a Davis double play.

Obviously, it was more than just that. For example, in the eighth Dominic Smith might’ve scored on a Gimenez grounder, but Jeff McNeil was tagged out by Jean Segura for the final out of the inning.

It was a bad job of base running by McNeil. It wasn’t a force play, and the play was right in front of him. Even with Smith busting it home, he couldn’t score.

In the end, the Mets lost 4-1. They’re now six games under .500, and they’re further out of the postseason picture.

But don’t worry, Steve Cohen is buying the Mets, and the GM should be gone soon. Things should be much better next year.

9 thoughts on “Mets Lose But Are A Day Closer To Steve Cohen”

  1. David Klein says:

    Girardi aggressively pinch hit while Rojas stuck with his unproductive vet and got burned. I’m not blaming Rojas for the lineup that’s on Brodie but Davis, who has been a singles hitter and extremely ground ball heavy hitting third while McNeil’s hitting seventh is ridiculous. McNeil is great but the only crimp in his game is his terrible baserunning and it cost them tonight. Porcello throws among the most mashable pitches in baseball and him throwing his fastball with two strikes so much is a big reason why. Chilli, Brodie and Rojas badly need to go.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I still think there’s hope for Rojas. He’s hamstrung by the texting GM. I want to see how he performs with a regular offseason and Spring Training and with an ability to better do his job.

      1. oldbackstop says:

        But why? Has he impressed anyone? He knows some of the farmers…big deal. Is he going to go out in a pennant race and take out Thor in the third inning or tell Cano to hustle to first?

        No. We need a veteran manager who has won. Rojas can go learn to manage in Kansas City.

        If you want a new GM so bad, you know you are getting a new manager.

  2. Oldbackstop says:

    Well… they have to go 8-4, but a game like this makes me feel like that NFL coach going “PLAYOFFS!! WHAT??? PLAYOFFS????”

    It is hard and perhaps unfair to pick a goat in a season where it looks like maybe five games will keep us out of the postseason. Mine would be Stroman.

    But behind him, Alonso’ s 2020 crater is incredible. In at bats where the margin is within one run he is batting .192. His OPS when we were behind last year was .974. This year it is a reversed .479. .479 !!

    Here is a truly amazing stat. Alonso has 11 home runs. His clutch stats show he has come to bat in the first inning or when the score tied 38 times. He has come to bat when we were ahead 57 times. He has come to bad when we were behind 76 times. You know how many of those 11 home runs have come when he was batting in a game we were trailing? One (1). ONE.

    The 2019 Greatest Of All Time turned into the 2020 GOAT. The King Among Men turned into Dave Kingman…

    1. Oldbackstop says:

      Looking further, it is easy to think that the above is not surprising in a year where the Mets have been famously unclutch. But how much of that is Alonso? With him hovering around the Mendoza Line we are still leading all of baseball in batting average.

      Let’s look at other players. Call out a name. Anyone. Just say a name.

      Ok, JD Davis? What are his slashes this year when he comes to the plate with the Mets trailing?


    2. metsdaddy says:

      The problem is Van Wagenen. This is the team he built.

      1. oldbackstop says:

        Nah…Brodie built a team that barring the pandemic, would be at least second in the NL Least. We have the highest BA and OBP in baseball after he took a team 18 months ago near the bottom. The “clutchiness” problem is, in the aggregate, over a statistical sampling, shown again and again to be random. Last year with many of the same players our RISP was 40-50 points higher. If we had that we would literally have the best offense in the NL East.

        Thor and Stroman are talented starting pitchers. No one this winter was saying they weren’t front of the rotation material. The season openers were cancelled March 12, Thor announced the TJ on March 24. What would you have done? Was a single trade made at that time anywhere with the season in limbo?

        Stroman went home in July, without giving us a single inning. You applauded it. What would have done? a trade? Talked him out of it?

        . With the pandemic,…well….did any trades happen at all? What is your answer to that?The greatest GM in history couldn’t go out and replace Thor and Stroman.

        Wacha has been a disappointment, but a lousy $3 million disappointment (or $1 million or whatever). Again, maybe he could have been replaced in a normal trade market….but we had the first non-trade market in 140 years. And as bad as he has been, look at the numbers — it wasn’t as bad as Matz, who you touted as our number three and wanted to extend for five years! I suppose someone could blame Brodie for his collapse. It just can’t be you.

        The other number five candidate, Porcello, has been exactly as advertised for a back-end rotation guy, and well above any others I know out there. With seven more innings he would be in the top ten in IP in the NL. You expect that from a number one or two, not a back of the rotation guy. After the first summer camp start, he has gone 5 or more innings in 6 of 10 starts to a 5.15 ERA. He is second on the team with 49 IP, only five behind deGrom and he is 15 innings ahead of the next Mets pitcher. Without Porcello, our bullpen and staffed would have been massively screwed.

        Peterson has been great for a rookie, thank god. And he has grown and come into the majors under Brodie, who held onto him when trades asked for him….and he was an A ball pitcher with a 7-10 record when Brodie came in. Brodie is to be commended. .

        So, the team Brodie “built” had this rotation:


        Brodie can reasonably be blamed for Wacha, I’ll concede that. Peterson and deGrom have been great. Porcello has been as advertised. Matz has collapsed, not Brodie’s fault, he inherited him. And Stroman went home.three days after hitting his free agent number, What are there…30 teams times 40, 1200 MLB players? 1800 on the 60 roster? How many went hom? A dozen? Brodie can’t be blamed for that.

        I know you are going to say Brodie should have kept Dunn and what’s his name, the young reliever. But we didn’t need a reliever. And Dunn’s numbers are very misleading, with 6 of his 8 starts coming against the two worst teams in the AL, Texas and LAA. In his two starts against a strong lineup, the Dodgers chased him after two innings and six runs, and Arizona on Sunday chased him after he lost the plate in 2 innings and five walks.

        Justin Dunn was not the answer to facing the Yanks and Braves. We have plenty of guys that can go to the showers in the second inning..


        1. oldbackstop says:

          Given his huge relief outing tonight for Jake, I take back conceding Wacha as a bad signing at $3 mil.

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