Mets Ensure Under .500 Finish With Brodie’s Pitching Staff

It’s important to remember Michael Wacha was not good in 2019. He had an 89 ERA+ and a 5.61 FIP. Despite this and his shoulder problems, Brodie Van Wagenen went out and brought in this CAA client.

With Wacha having a 63 ERA+ and a 5.03 FIP this year, you’d think it would be an easy decision to keep him in the pen. Instead, he got the ball over better pitchers or pitchers more deserving of an opportunity.

Andres Gimenez and Dominic Smith would homer to get the score tied at 2-2 entering the top of the sixth.

Wacha was incapable of keeping the game tied or getting his first quality start of the season. Those hopes went away when he allowed a two run homer to Randy Arozarena.

Things went from bad do worse when Chasen Shreve, another CAA client , entered the game. He allowed three in the eighth putting the game out of reach, and as a result, putting the Mets outside postseason hopes out of reach.

The Mets rallied for three in the ninth, but all it did was make the 8-2 game look much closer and competitive.

In the end, the Mets lost 8-5. They’re against endured a losing record, and they’re moving closer to having absolutely zero chance to making the postseason.

But hey, Van Wagenen used the opportunity to boost up the value of the players who are former clients and pending free agents. Hopefully for him, it was well worth missing the postseason.

11 thoughts on “Mets Ensure Under .500 Finish With Brodie’s Pitching Staff”

  1. Oldbackstop says:

    Brodie’s pitching staff? Lol… must have dice roll whether to A. claim Brodie inherited all his talent or to B. Brodie brought in dogs. His pitching staff after deGrom (who would be free agent next week except Brodie got him to re-sign) was the virtually useless inherited Syndergaard (elbow exploded after you wanted to extend his contract) and inherited Matz (life imploded after you wanted to extend his contract). Peterson was a 7-10 A-baller when Brodie came in and has grown to a number two under his regime. Given no Wilpon bucks to re-sign Wheeler, he brought in Porcello and Wacha to compete for the five hole at a cost of $13 million. He then pulled Lugo in, a successful move. Porcello did fine for a number five. Even without Syndergaard, and even with Matz imploding, we would have been a playoff team had Stroman not gone home after he qualified for free agency in July…. which you applauded as “courageous” even though 99 percent of MLBers stayed on the job. His “inherited” Gsellman was Matz-like until he also went down.

    A rotation of deGrom, Stroman, Lugo, Peterson, Porcello and would have been a playoff team even without Thor and Matz. Wacha at $ 3 mil could have simply been cut, although these last ten days he has been valuable. Instead of that rotation, your hero Stroman never threw a pitch and the stressed rotation failed in a year where trades were virtually impossible as every team was still in it late.

    So, self-proclaimed Leading Mets Analyst, what do you do when the Wilpons say a hard “no” to paying Wheeler, who they had waited on for a decade to have a complete elite season? Then what do you do when Thor goes down ten days after the season is postponed? Then what do you do when Matz turns into a batting practice pitcher and inherited emergency starters Gsellman and Oswalt suck?

    1. Oldbackstop says:


      Wilpon sets the budget, don’t kid yourself. He gives you $32 million for your 2-6 starters.

      — “Inherited” Matz and Thor cost $15 mil and they are worse than useless.
      — Lugo you wrote a whole article about how he needed to stay in the bullpen and should be stretched out due to his elbow.
      — Peterson you wrote a whole article about what a disaster it was going to be if you brought him up early and cited precedents.
      — Stroman you applauded going home — let’s give you a pass since Brodie brought him in and not even count his salary.
      — Gsellman and Oswalt, for whom you have served as fanboy for years, fail miserably. I’ll spot you their salaries.

      So you have $18 mil to fill 2-6.

      Brodie filled it with Stroman, Porcello, Walka, Lugo, and Peterson. That’s $18 mil in 2019 payroll, and the two prospects we sent for Stroman.

      You have eliminated all five of them them.


      1. Oldbackstop says:

        Oops, I missed this sentence above about starters: “Behind them were well regarded prospects in Justin Dunn, Anthony Kay, and Simeon Woods Richardson.”

        — Richardson is in A ball,
        — Anthony Kay wasn’t used as a starter by Toronto this year, he was a basically a soon to be obsolete LOOGY, had a 5.14 ERA, and is on IR.
        — Justin Dunn is a not bad looking 3-1, 4.20. But the three wins were against the worst team in the AL, the Rangers. Three decent outing were against the second worst team in the AL, the Angel’s. In his two starts against decent lineups he got chased after two innings, giving up a total of 7 earned runs in 2 innings.

        Playing the NL East and AL East this year doesn’t give you anywhere to hide a rookie’s starts.

        But tell you what… I’ll spot you Dunn at those numbers as if he would be in our rotation at the league minimum.


    2. metsdaddy says:

      I’ll sum up what you are saying.

      I like BVW, so I’m going to excuse the bad moves, and I’m going to pretend he had good ones.

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        As usual, you can only throw rocks (actually one cowardly pebble)

        You have been cr@pping on BVW’s pitching since he got here.


        Why aren’t you jumping at this opportunity, Learned One?

        1. metsdaddy says:

          I wouldn’t have done favors for my CAA clients, and I would’ve spent money on players other than those with league worst ERAs and completely shot pitching arms.

  2. Oldbackstop says:

    OKAY! LIKE A WISPY FIRST ADOLESCENT PUBIC HAIR… man up and allude to that you wouldn’t have signed Porcello. We knew that already, of course. It was all you talked about. So remove his innings and starts and salary (remember, gotta replace them)

    We have from your statements eliminated Peterson, Porcello, Wacha and Lugo as candidates to replace Thor, Stroman, Wheeler and Matz. So what FA pitchers do you sign in the winter, bearing in mind the Wilpons budget,and what Mets farmers do you start?

    You can say things like:

    “I would have signed Julio Teheran, Clay Bucholz and Gio Gonzalez.”


    1. metsdaddy says:

      I sign Wheeler, and the money is there because I wouldn’t have burned it by obtaining Cano and Lowrie. After that, I have Dunn and Kay battling it out.

      But that’s just me. The guy who knew the talent in the Mets farm system. The other guy was the one rushing to do favors for former clients.

  3. Oldbackstop says:

    Were you home schooled? Because you missed some slaps in the head for lack on comprehension. Read slowly. Dispense with the magical thinking. Brodie could have taken hostages — the Wilpons WERE NOT GOING TO GIVE WHEELER $118 MILLION. They traded Carlos Beltran ten years ago for Wheeler. Beltran hit 162 home runs in 7 years after that deal while Wheeler averaged 4.8 wins per year and never had a single consistent season.

    In the near term, the Cano deal boosted the Wilpons finances. They unloaded half of Swarzak and Bruce’s 2019 salaries, call it $12 million, all of Bruce’s $14 million for 2020, got a check for $24 million, and avoided the cost of buying an elite closer for $10 million a year going forward for some period. That is $60 mil in the short term, which is how the Wilpons think. The long term Cano dollars were mortgage payments for that cash boost, and, on top of it, Cano was excellent this year and Diaz is getting there, as you said yourself advocating for closer.

    But that is immaterial, it isn’t about the Cano trade. The Wilpons weren’t committing 100 mil to a guy that had been inconsistent and fragile.


    So you can’t have Wheeler. You applauded Stroman beating feet outta here. Matz, who you wanted to extend, turned BP. Thor went down. You said Peterson wasn’t ready and he could he ruined and you cited examples and criticized Brodie for bringing him up.

    What is YOUR July rotation?

    That leaves you with deGrom. And then Dunn and Kay battling it out. Well, easy, we know what happened there. Dunn won three games in six starts against the two worst AL teams and got knocked out in two innings in the other games. He would have been annihilated play the Mets NL East/AL East schedule. After giving him 2 starts in 2019, the Jay’s used him as a one inning LOOGY in 2020. After a collapse that saw an ERA of 23 over his final two appearances he went on the DL for the rest of 2020.

    Those are your number 2 and 3s behind deGrom? Remember — you are charged with building a win-now team

    And you are criticizing BVW?

      1. Oldbackstop says:


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