Have Sympathy For Rick Porcello

Like you and me, Rick Porcello grew up loving the Mets. Unlike you and me, he was not only talented enough to make it to the majors, but he was also able to win a World Series and a Cy Young.

Due to that pedigree, there were teams still interested in him when he became a free agent despite his having the worst ERA in baseball last year. Having his first real chance at free agency in his career, he decided to turn down better offers to fulfill his childhood dream of pitching for the New York Mets.

Porcello was getting his chance to realize his dream. Unfortunately, it’s been a nightmare for him.

Through nine starts, he’s 1-4 with a 6.07 ERA. He’s given up the most hits and earned runs in the league. Opposing batters are hitting .318/.356/.436 off of him. He’s only averaging 4.2 innings per start.

Now, the Mets haven’t done him many favors. For example, given how Porcello is your classic pitch to contact sinkerball pitcher, you need to optimize your defense with him on the mound.

When he had Luis Guillorme and Andres Gimenez up the middle in his August 5 start, he was terrific allowing one run over seven. It was the same alignment up the middle for his August 16 start when he allowed four over six against the Phillies.

We’ve also seen him struggle without that strong up the middle combination. For example, last night, Robinson Cano was at second for his poor start where he allowed five earned over four. In his first Mets start, he allowed seven runs (six earned) with Cano and Amed Rosario up the middle against the Braves.

It must be so frustrating to have success and return to the form where you were considered a bona fide middle to front end starter to getting your brains beaten in with a lackluster defense behind you.

It has to be worse when this is happening to you when this was your dream. Perhaps more than any pitcher in this Mets rotation, he wanted to win a World Series and celebrate with the fans. After all, he’s one of us.

Sadly, he’s not well respected by his fellow Mets fans. They see his putting up similarly poor numbers than he did last year. In some ways, he’s become a poster boy for Brodie Van Wagenen’s dismantling of this once great Mets rotation.

After all, Porcello got a chunk of the money that didn’t go to Zack Wheeler. Wheeler has been great in Philadelphia whereas Porcello hasn’t been so much in New York.

As a fan, if we were allowed in the park, we’d boo him mercilessly. His performance has warranted it even though he’s not always been put in a position to succeed.

Overall, you’re allowed to be frustrated with him. If we were at the park, you’d be well within your right to boo him. Still, we should all realize this has to be painful for Porcello.

Porcello wanted to be a New York Met more than anything. His dreams are becoming nightmares. Certainly, we can identify with that, and because of that, we should have some sympathy for him.

And obviously, we hope his last few starts for the Mets are great, and he still gets that opportunity to win a World Series with the New York Mets.

15 thoughts on “Have Sympathy For Rick Porcello”

  1. Oldbackstop says:

    Oh stop. You have railed against his signing all year and this is passive aggressive crocodile tears. Porcello has done fine for a guy that was only slotted as a 4 or 5 starter and an innings burner. His counting stats in the league sound bad because he is 19th in innings pitched, which is where the best number 2s should be, not a back end guy..

    In his four losses the Mets have scored a total of four (4) runs, and they were close games. With support he could be 4-0 easily. Behind deGrom, Porcello is second on the team innings pitched with 43, 12 ahead of the next Met.

    If you discount the first game out of “summer camp,” his ERA is 4.98.

    He has resurrected his career sufficiently and he’ll get a multi-year offer from somebody.

    Like Vargas last year, you think a back-of-the-rotation guy should be putting up near ace numbers. They are there to get games going and hand them off to the middle relievers, who should be standing around during the starts for the front end starters. You take out that first start and he is giving us 5 IPs per start. That is fine.

    If Matz had given us Porcello numbers we’d be cruising into a WC berth.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I still hold the Mets should have re-signed Wheeler instead of this Porcello/Wacha plan which was bound to blow up.

      Just because I hated the decisions, and I was right about it, doesn’t mean I can’t feel genuine sympathy for Porcello.

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        So, Metsdaddy is GM, and walks into the Wilpons office, and says I want to give Wheeler $100 million.

        And they say “No.”

        Does that refocus you?

        Do you quit? What is your complaint about Brodie on this?

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Do a better job arguing for it and don’t waste that money on your former clients.

  2. Oldbackstop says:

    So, Metsdaddy is GM, and walks into the Wilpons office, and says I want to give Wheeler $100 million.

    And they say “No.”

    Does that refocus you?

    Do you quit? What is your complaint about Brodie on this?

    1. Oldbackstop says:

      Ok, do a better job arguing. So say that Johnny Cochran on meth couldn’t budge the Wilpons, who had waited a full decade in vain for Wheeler to put together one complete season, and they weren’t going to pay him betting on five in a row as he entered his 30s.

      Now what? You just keep blaming Brodie?

      Do you think Brodie would have kept Wheeler if Cohen was the bank? Of course. Brodie was told “we aren’t committing a half a billion dollars on Jake/Noah/Zack, and we aren’t paying the three of them $75 million dollars a year in 2021-2024, because our whole budget is $175 million a year and we have 37 other guys to pay.”

      Sometimes in the business world that happens, MD. You have a boss, and he says no. The Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers already have GMs. The other 27 have to deal with reality.

      1. metsdaddy says:

        If your boss says no because you wasted the money on Cano and Lowrie, that’s on you.

        If your boss says no because of budget allocation, you failed to make your argument, and that’s on you.

        If after all that, your Plan B is the pitcher with the worst ERA in the AL and a bad pitcher with shoulder problems, that’s on you.

        Ultimately, be better.

  3. oldbackstop says:

    Yeah, so……here is the Zack Wheeler career snapshot.

    He apparently ripped a nail off his throwing hand putting his pants on yesterday. His pants. If it has to be removed….multiple missed starts. Again..

    He actually can be compared quite fairly to Porcello., who is one year older. Porcello was drafted in 2007 and has 2080 major league innings pitched in 348 game starts. Wheeler was drafted in 2009 and has pitched 799 innings in 134 game starts. So now, Zack will apparently miss at least one start (at @$1 mil per start). Maybe 4 or 5…..

    By the way, what do you think of the number two draft pick the Mets got as compensation for Wheeler from the Phillies? Isaiah Greene? Haven’t heard an opinion from you there…..

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’d rather have Wheeler than a draft pick, and following Wheeler and Porcello the last two years, no one can honestly say they’re comparable.

      Wheeler is far superior

  4. oldbackstop says:

    On Thursday, Philadelphia Phillies manager Joe Girardi announced that starting pitcher Zack Wheeler was going to miss his next start due to injury. Wheeler suffered an injury to the nail of his right middle finger while he was putting on pants.

    “You can’t make this stuff up,” Girardi told the media on Thursday

  5. oldbackstop says:

    MD about Porcello: “As a fan, if we were allowed in the park, we’d boo him mercilessly. “””

    The Philly fans are famously empathetic. Let’s see what happens if Wheeler misses a bunch of starts for his boo-boo and miss the playoffs…….

    1. Oldbackstop says:

      Oh! And Anthony Kay, bemoaned last week by MD as lost starter depth given up by the Mets, gives up 41 runs in .01 innings.

      Stroman had a better day.

      1. metsdaddy says:

        One bad outing does not make a career.

    2. metsdaddy says:

      I thought you said Wheeler ws going to struggle. Since that’s not happening, I guess your criticism had to pivot.

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        No. I said what Brodie said….he can never put together a solid season of numbers that deserve the Phillies contract. Either he just sucks, or he gets hurt. That was in his 20s. Why would it get better in his 30s?

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