Brodie Van Wagenen’s Failure On Full Display As Mets Postseason Hopes Die

The Mets had Jacob deGrom on the mound against the Nationals. That meant they had their best chance to stay alive. It didn’t happen.


Well, the answer is Brodie Van Wagenen. He’s a terrible GM who created a highly flawed team who is going to finish under .500, miss the postseason, and may finish in last place.

With two outs in the fourth, Wilson Ramos couldn’t block a ball a Major League catcher should be able to block. That led to the second run of the game for the Nationals.

If you recall, the Mets entered this season with two everyday outfielders. That has led the Mets to play players out of position. Worse yet, with Pete Alonso, J.D. Davis, and Dominic Smith, the Mets continue to put three first baseman in the lineup.

That had Smith in left running hard into a wall. On that play, Andrew Stevenson would circle the bases for an inside the park homer tying the game at 3-3.

Miguel Castro would relieve deGrom to start the sixth. He immediately put two on putting the game in jeopardy. The Mets brought in Edwin Diaz, who is poor with inherited runners, into the game. Diaz allowed the go-ahead sacrifice fly to put the Nationals ahead for good.

In the seventh, Brandon Nimmo gave the Mets a chance by hitting an infield single. That didn’t matter as the -0.2 WAR J.D. Davis, the player who Van Wagenen seems to tout as his proof he’s not completely incompetent, struck out to end the game and the Mets postseason chances.

In the second half of the doubleheader, Rick Porcello struggled, and the Mets lost 5-3.

In the end, it was Van Wagenen’s players who failed this year, and as a result, Van Wagenen is the reason the Mets won’t make the expanded postseason.

4 thoughts on “Brodie Van Wagenen’s Failure On Full Display As Mets Postseason Hopes Die”

  1. Mike.BTB says:

    Nothing more than a cheerleader shaking Jeff’s pom-poms. Limited toolbox and forethought, his transactions bear that out.

  2. Pal88 says:

    Can’t wait to see the moves made this winter. I predict it’s going to be an exciting off season.

  3. oldbackstop says:

    Where to start!

    The ball that got by Ramos (Brodie’s guy) was a Wild Pitch and an error on deGrom, (not a Brodie guy) It was not a Passed Ball and error on Ramos. deGrom (not Brodie’s guy) gave up two hits, a walk and threw the wild pitch that scored Holt. Ramos (Brodie’s guy), by the way, had hit a two run homer in the second to give drove in two of the Mets four runs. Your recap does not mention the biggest Mets offensive play because it was by Ramos? (Brodie’s guy)

    deGrom….(not a Brodie guy) struggled thru 113 pitches in 5.0 innings and gave up three runs, all earned, five hits and two BB in the loss. Plus the run scoring error on the wild pitch. It was 7 inning game, of course….deGrom goes 7 to his usual ERA and the Mets win based on the 2-run home run by Ramos.

    Your slandering of Ramos on the run scored on deGrom’s error ignore the fact that deGrom (not Brodie’s guy)gave up solo home runs to the Nats the inning before and the inning after, neither of which Ramos had a play on.

    That added up for deGrom to 14 runs over the last three starts….8 runs, all earned, 13 hits and five walks. The Mets gave him 9 runs in those three games….a normal deGrom would have won those three.

    Dom Smith — (not a Brodie guy), ISN’T an outfielder??? He demonstrated he can not be put in the OF, something you have heatedly denied for over a year.

    What else? Oh! You say the Mets entered the year with “two everyday outfielders” Wha? We started the year with Conforto in right, McNeil, Nimmo, and Jake Marisnick, one of the best OF gloves we have had in years. Marisnick then got injured, but finished the year batting .333 with a .959 OPS. That, by the way, in a small sample of course, compares quite well with Dom (.316) and Guillorme (OPS .659), for whom you serve as leading fan boy. Samll samples….but, of course, when Guillorme was batting .400 with 33 at bats you predicted he was going to bat .400 for the year and “watch out Ted Williams.) From the tie you wrote hewas going to bat .400 and compared him to Ted Williams on Sept. 2, Guillorme batted .067.

    That’s 4 OFers. Yo-C was supposed to be a factor. He left ala Stroman, to your applause for his bravery.

    In summation, all-in-all, I’d say this was your most accurate and unbiased article of the year, and you are to be commended.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      You must be reading another blog and following a different Mets team

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