Mets Negative Tests Cause For Some Positivity

One day, the Mets were going for a sweep of the Marlins. The next, an unnamed player and coach tested positive for COVID19.

Since the initial positive test results, early indications are the virus has not spread through the Mets roster . . . at least not yet.

We do know it’s possible we will see someone else test positive within the next day or so. It’s possible we could have another Marlins or Cardinals situation on our hands. Maybe not.

The only thing we know right now is the Mets “only” have two positive test results. The more days pass in which that remains the case, the better.

Hopefully, in a year where so much has gone wrong, this may be the one thing which goes right. Maybe, a Mets organization who has handled nearly every medical issue as incompetently as possible could have handled this better than anyone.

Hey, it’s 2020, MUCH stranger things have happened.

Whatever the case, let’s all keep hoping the Mets players and coaching staff keep testing negative. If that continues, we get closer to the return of Mets baseball. More important than that, we will see a situation where players and coaches avoided getting infected.