Luis Guillorme Is What Makes Baseball Great

The real shame with Luis Guillorme is the Mets consistently overlook him. The reason it’s a shame is because this is a really fun player who just seems to have a propensity to do the amazing.

Most Mets fans were first acquainted with Guillorme when he nonchalantly caught Adeiny Hechavarria‘s errant bat during Spring Training.

It was a sign of the hands which makes him a great defender. It was that defense which would give him a shot at the majors. Over time, people began to question if he’d ever hit enough to be a Major Leaguer.

In the second half last year, he finally got a legitimate shot, and he proved he could be an adept pinch hitter. That was especially the case when he sent shockwaves through Citi Field on his first career homer.

A year to the date, Guillorme again found himself overlooked and not getting the chances to play he earned. Still, in a game against the Nationals, Guillorme would again surprise us all.

The Mets were getting thrashed to the tune of 16-3. In the ninth, rather than use another reliever, Luis Rojas sent in the dormant Guillorme and his 69 MPH arsenal to pitch.

Normally, when a position player pitches, the opposing team tees off on him. Last night, Guillorme retired Josh Harrison, Starlin Castro, and Michael A. Taylor in a 1-2-3 inning.

It was one of those shocking moments that made an otherwise awful game interesting. It was one of those moments which rewards you for continuing to watch. It was one of those purely surprising moments which makes baseball truly great.

It seems even with his limited playing time Guillorme has more of these moments than most. In the end, each of these moments shows exactly why Guillorme is exactly what is great about baseball.

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