Skepticism Wilpons Are Selling The Mets

The alarm rings, and you hear Sonny & Cher singing “I Got You, Babe.” That’s essentially the Mets ownership situation.

The Wilpons nearly low everything in a Ponzi scheme? Alarm rings, and they still operate the Mets franchise.

The Mets are at, near, or over MLB debt limits? Alarm rings, and the Wilpons still own the Mets franchise.

Jeff Wilpon fires an unwed pregnant woman? Fred Wilpon trashes his players in the press? Team effectively fires a man battling cancer? Alarm rings.

David Einhorn purchased share with path to majority ownership? Steve Cohen purchases 80% of the franchise? The Wilpons have seen the diminution of the value of the franchise? Alarm rings.

Every single time we think the Wilpons are finally gone, Fred and Jeff are singing, “They say our love won’t pay the rent.” Next thing you know, the sale falls apart, and the Wilpons retain majority control.

So, yes, there are very credible reports the Wilpons need to sell. There’s reports about them hemorrhaging money, family infighting and distrust of Jeff Wilpon’s ability to run the team, and them attempting to stall payments due. All of these are signs the Wilpons need to sell.

The thing is these signs have been present for over a deacade now. Despite that, MLB continues to prop up the Wilpons as owners. Day-in and day-out, the Wilpons remain the owners, and that’s even after they agree to sell the team.

To that end, it’s hard to believe the Wilpons are pushing so hard to sell the team. Even if there’s an agreed upon deal, it’s still fair to remain skeptical and that’s already happened at least twice. No, no one should believe this team has sold until the new owners have their press conference introducing themselves as owners. Short of that, we know the Wilpons have backed out of deals.

Ultimately, we have to hope the endgame is upon us, and the Wilpons will soon be gone. But be wary as we’ve been fooled previously.

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