Mets Should Have Drive-In Theaters For Home Games

The 2020 season will mark the first time since 1983 I have not attended a Mets game. It’ll also be the first time I haven’t attended at least one game with my father. It’s sad and depressing.

This year will also mark the first time I won’t bring my sons to a game. Both attended a game before their first birthday. The worst part is my oldest is at the age where he truly gets it, and he’s a big fan in his own right.

This isn’t an adjustment for me. It’s that way for all Mets fans. It’s also the same for players who will have to play games in huge stadiums and ballparks without fans.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be this way.

Across the country, there are pop-up drive-in movie theaters. Some are doing the old school double feature. Jim Gaffigan had a comedy special he humorously called a drive thru special. If we can see a movie or a comedy show, why not a Mets game?

Citi Field has a large lot abutting the stadium in addition to other lots in the general area. Why couldn’t the Mets set up a drive-in theatre in those lots to allow fans to “attend the game” with other fans from the safety of their cars?

The MLB teams saying they’re losing money by playing can get a revenue stream. The fans who miss going to games could get some part of the community feel of attending games. If the fans are loud enough, who knows? Maybe the crowd noise could carry into the stadium a bit and provide the players with some energy (not very likely, but then again who knows?).

Sure, there is a lot to figure out before going forward with such a plan. There are distancing and security measures. There is probably some red tape from the TV contracts which need to be figured out before proceeding. There bounds to be bathroom logistics. There’s also the State and City of New York who may not be so eager to do it.

That said, it’s a worthwhile endeavor. Fans would very likely come to the games, and teams would at least get some revenue stream. For those laid off or not re-employed due to the COVID19 shutdown, it creates some jobs for people in terms of security, traffic flow, handling the set up, and maybe even concessions. (h/t @jquadddddd)

Mostly, it would all help us feel just a little bit more normal. As for me, it would help me keep my nearly four decade streak of going to Mets games alive.

More than that, it’s a game experience no one will ever forget. That’s exactly what every team strives to create. They can do that now by allowing fans to congregate (six feet apart) in their parking lot to come together and watch a Mets game.

2 thoughts on “Mets Should Have Drive-In Theaters For Home Games”

  1. oldbackstop says:

    That sounds green….drive people to Queens, sit there with their cars idling…..maybe AOC will come by and explain her Green Plan?

    Or maybe some BLM thugs will come jump on their hoods?

    Who the hell would want to go anywhere in NYC if they didn’t have too.

    Get your family outta there……

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I should’ve known you’d troll in response to this

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