Simulated Recap: deGrom And McNeil Annihilate Nationals

Yesterday, the Mets drubbed the Nationals to the tune of an 11-0 victory. Today’s game was much closer, but unfortunately for the Nationals, that was a 9-2 win for the Mets.

It was difficult to ascertain who had the better game. Was it Jacob deGrom who allowed just one earned and came within an out of a complete game?

Or was it Jeff McNeil who was 5-for-5 with three runs, a double, two homers, and three RBI?

In any event, the Mets beat up on the Nationals, especially with five runs in the eight and seven runs over the final two innings. In addition to McNeil, Robinson Cano, Yoenis Cespedes, and Michael Conforto homered.

On a side note, MLB The Show has gotten a lot wrong with deGrom, but at least here, they did showcase his day game dominance.