Simulated Recap: MLB The Show Unaware Of deGrom’s Greatness

The Mets had the tying runs on base with no outs in the ninth. J.D. Davis would prove to be unable to hit one out in the bandbox that is Citizen’s Bank Park. From there, the Mets wouldn’t be able to push home a run in the Mets 6-4 loss.

Somehow, Jacob deGrom took the loss after allowing six runs over five innings. Clearly, MLB the Show needs to correct their algorithms.

2 thoughts on “Simulated Recap: MLB The Show Unaware Of deGrom’s Greatness”

  1. Rich Hausig says:

    I love the computer sports games but there’s one attribute you cant simulate, heart. And that’s what makes deGrom tge best.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Well said

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