Amazin Bracket: First Round Complete

The first round of voting in the Amazin’ Bracket is now complete, and this went completely chalk. What was perhaps the most surprising was there wasn’t really a close match-up. That was different than the Miracle bracket when Tommie Agee had a mild upset over Jon Matlack.

The second round of this bracket has some very interesting match-ups. The first match-up is Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling in a battle of the famed GKR color commentators. After that, it is Gary Carter who started the Game 6 rally against Mookie Wilson who capped it off. Howard Johnson and Darryl Strawberry is a match-up of the Mets first 30/30 players.

Coming up next is the Mojo Rising Bracket with Mike Piazza, one of two Mets players in the Baseball Hall of Fame, against local legend Rico Brogna.

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