Amazin Bracket: (6) Howard Johnson vs. (11) Lee Mazzilli

(6) Howard Johnson – First Mets player to have a 30/30 season. Is the only Mets player with multiple 30/30 seasons, and he is the only switch hitter to accomplish that feat in Major League history. Once held the Mets and National League record for homers and RBI by a switch hitter. To date, still has the best offensive season in Mets history as determined by offensive WAR, OPS+, and wRC+. Returned to the Mets after his playing days and was a mentor to David Wright first in the minors and later in the majors as the hitting coach.

(11) Lee Mazzilli – Brooklyn born player who was the Mets first round draft pick in the 1973 draft. Was an All-Star in 1979, and he would drive home the winning run. After he was traded to the Rangers for Ron Darling, he would return later in his career as a role player for the 1986 Mets. In Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, he would have a pinch hit single against Calvin Schiraldi, and he would later score the tying run helping set the stage for the later game drama. In Game 7, it was he sparked the Mets game winning rally in the sixth inning.

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2 thoughts on “Amazin Bracket: (6) Howard Johnson vs. (11) Lee Mazzilli”

  1. John Timmel says:

    Obviously HoJo was the much better player, but I voted for Maz. He was a local kid and one of the few bright spots on some dismal NY teams. Being born in 1969 is cool since it was such a magical year for the franchise, but it also meant that as a young kid I had to suffer through 1977-1983 before they were any good. Releasing Foster and trading for Mazzilli in 1986 was poetic justice. He deserved to win in NY.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      That’s well within your right. This is a favorites tourney, not who is best.

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