Honor John Olerud By Donating To The Jordan Fund

On December 20, 1996, the New York Mets acquired John Olerud from the Toronto Blue Jays. In his time in New York, Olerud delivered a number of great moments and seasons delivering much joy to the hearts of Mets fans.

Sadly, Olerud’s heart is now broken because his 19 year old daughter, Jordan, passed away today.

Jordan was born with a rare chromosome disease. Due to their experiences raising their daughter, Olerud and his wife, Kelly, created the Jordan Fund.

The Jordan Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization which helps “families with respite, therapy, and equipment costs that are not covered by their insurance” and also funds “501(c)(3) organizations who assist children with substantial and permanent disabilities.” In addition, they provide grants.

If you can, to honor Olerud and his family, please consider donating. Perhaps, $5 since Olerud wore 5 with the Mets.

More than honoring Olerud, please consider donating money which will help children and families in need. Even if you can’t donate, say a prayer for Olerud and his family who are in pain tonight.

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