COVID19 Home School Plans: Write A Journal Diary Or Log

Our teachers are sending home multiple assignments which do take up the equivalent of a full school day. We already have Mo Willems stepping up with his Lunch Doodles to teach and entertain our children for 20+ minutes.

The problem for parents is that isn’t taking you to dinner time, and you still have a lot of work to do. In fact, you have an even bigger back log than you normally would at this point as you’ve spent most of your time walking your children through assignments.

If you’re lucky, you’re still on schedule or close to it. No matter what the case, you need to keep them preoccupied doing an activity on their own.

Considering the times we are in, and how this is a noteworthy time in our nation’s history, we should have our children write down what happened that day.

Even if seemingly nothing noteworthy happened, everything that happens now is noteworthy.

For our family, Monday was a day off to help the district work out all the kinks. For the first time in his life, he then had school at home. Probably, the best part of his homeschool day was making a leprechaun trap for STEM.

After that, things were a little more interesting as we went for a family walk. During the walk, we came across an old couple walking their dog. As they continued to approach, we kept moving backwards.

Bewildered, the man said we didn’t need to be concerned as the dig was friendly. This prompted a response from me we were backing away due to social distancing.

On a normal day, school and going for a family walk are just things which typically happen. For that matter, people not being able to take social cues and respecting personal boundaries isn’t either.

However, now, due to #COVID19, it’s actually incredible. It’s the type of things we’re going to look back on as a society and be shocked just how difficult everything was.

This is why we should all document it somehow, including our kids. It’ll be something they can share with their own children one day, especially when this is covered in school.

Mostly, it’s a productive way to keep them out of our hair for a bit.

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