Mets Need To Sign Yasiel Puig Now

We haven’t completed the first week of Spring Training games, and suddenly, the Mets are moving towards being put in a position where they will need to find their Opening Day left fielder. Arguably, we are not yet at that day, but from the looks of it, that day of reckoning may soon come.

Yoenis Cespedes has been rehabbing from his double heel surgery, and according to indications, he is doing roughly 85% of what the other Mets players are doing. Cespedes has been pushing hard, but no one quite knows if he is going to be able to be ready for Opening Day, and if he is, no one knows if he can play everyday.

To some, Cespedes was seen as a luxury because the Mets had other options in the outfield. Depending on how things shake out, that may no longer be true.

J.D. Davis dove for a ball at third, and he is being at least temporarily shut down. He has a “pre-existing” labrum tear and inflammation. Davis says he will be ready for Opening Day, but we heard the same refrains from Jed Lowrie last year, and when we look at history, the Mets have a terrible history diagnosing and handling injuries.

Brandon Nimmo, who was supposed to be ready to go for Opening Day, is now dealing with a cardiac issues. He is undergoing cardiac screening, and at this point, we don’t know what the exact issue is, and really, we don’t know how this issue (to the extent there is one) will limit him.

Right there, the Mets are potentially down three outfield options. That leaves Jake Marisnick, who was a below average hitter even when he knew what pitch was coming, and Dominic Smith, who suffered a stress fracture playing the outfield last year. Keep in mind, where the Mets stand right now, they are in a position to play Marisnick and Smith everyday with their backup outfielder being Jeff McNeil, who is also their everyday third baseman.

The question is what then happens when or if either Marisnick or Smith go down? There just isn’t the depth in Triple-A to sustain an injury. When you look at it, the Mets are getting increasingly shallow in the outfield, and that is before the season even begins.

Fortunately for them, Yasiel Puig is still a free agent, a player the Mets arguably should have already signed this offseason.

With Puig, the Mets are getting a good fielder, who even at his worst, is a league average bat. No, Puig is not the superstar many thought he’d be when he debuted with the Dodgers. Rather, he is a solid, good, durable, and reliable everyday Major League outfielder. Put another way, he is exactly what the Mets don’t have.

Now, it is possible Cespedes will be ready by Opening Day. Davis’ shoulder and Nimmo’s heart may not keep them out of the Opening Day lineup. Marisnick could have a career year, and after a full offseason, Smith could be ready to play everyday in the outfield. Still, that is a lot of question marks, and it is unwise to hinge your season on all of that breaking in the Mets favor.

Seeing that is the case, the Mets should be acting quickly to sign Puig. If nothing else, they’ll put themselves in a position to have too many player for too few spots. That’s a much better problem to have than not having Major League caliber players to play the outfield because the Mets waited too long to act and some other team signed Puig at the precise moment they needed him most.


33 thoughts on “Mets Need To Sign Yasiel Puig Now”

  1. Pierluigi Sacchetti says:

    Yes yes and yes
    We need some distraction !!
    Someone loved in the clubhouse like him !
    What a great idea !!

    1. Oldbackstop says:

      Lol… it speaks volumes that the three teams he has been with in the last two years have zero interest. And Puig has been shown time and time and time again to be a lazy unprofessional jerk.

      You certainly spun all the injury situations to their worst scenario. Yes, if every single injury situation went badly, we could use a left fielder. Of course, Puig is a right fielder, and has only started three games at left field in his major league career. His arm in right makes him a slightly above average right fielder. He has deteriorated to an average offensive player.

      Anyway, sure, it will be fun to watch him being managed by Leetle Rojas, as he deals with another veteran who likes to dawdle. If we can get him for 1/$7, why not.

      1. metsdaddy says:

        Of course, you unfairly malign a player without substantiating it.

        I’m not remotely surprised you unfairly maligned someone’s character using nothing more than your biased opinion

  2. Oldbackstop says:

    You have written two articles now advocating the Mets sign Puig without a single word about the character issues that dominated his stays at each team. When he left LA, the LA Times beat writer celebrated thusly:

    “”No more wondering if Puig will show up on time, and whether he’ll actually be invested once he’s there. No more hoping he won’t be so empowered by a diving catch that his next throw will sail purposely over the cutoff man. No more worrying that he’ll become so starved for attention during the middle of a lazy July afternoon game, he’ll try to steal third with two outs and kill another inning,” Plaschke wrote.”

    I won’t bother with other examples, because you are obviously just trolling by leaving them out. It is a cute though desperate bid for clicks, but pretty sad for someone that fashions themselves an “analyst.”

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Ahh yes, that hack Plascke. The same complete fraud who once baselessly insinuated Puig was responsible for a man’s murder and claimed having Puig on the Dodgers would lead to players getting attacked.

      That’s the “credible source” you cite.

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        Puig is a showboating, lazy, unprofessional horse’s ass. He used to be so good it overcame it. Now he isn’t.

        If it escaped your research that says something about your professionalism. If it escaped your concern that says something about your character.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Yes, it says I don’t rely on hacks leveling absurd and unsubstantiated claims fueled purely as a result of a personal vendetta.

          But sure, you go ahead a mimic the fraudulent claims because it fits your world view.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Ahh yes, an article replete with unsubstantiated rumors with no one going on the record.

      By the way, on your trip down memory lane, did you stop at the parts where the Dodgers went to the 2016 NLCS followed by consecutive pennants before being bounced in the NLDS after they parted with Puig?

  3. LongTimeFan1 says:

    Being in denial as you are, MetsDaddy, doesn’t change the well documented facts of Puig’s behavioral history on field and off. In the game and outside of it. Negative facts can’t be erased. What they can be however, is forgiven if he’s genuinely changed over a substantial period of time.

    Would you put your kid or in a car with Yasiel Puig?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      They’re not well documented, and I’ll note, his teams have won

      1. LongTimeFan1 says:

        Metsdaddy, what’s not well documented? His bad behavior?

        As for being on a winning team, it’s irrelevant. Bad behavior is bad behavior, and creates negative energy regardless. The Dodgers also went to the World Series without him last season, and the Reds didn’t become a playoff team with him last season. He also instigated a brawl the year before as Dodger, which got him suspended for two games. He got into an on-field brawl as a Red, which got him a 3-game suspension as Indian.

        He’s been caught twice for reckless driving, 97 MPH and 110, and, if I correctly recall doing so with passengers, including if I also correctly recall with his grandmother. As I asked in prior post, would you, Metsdaddy, as a parent put your kids in a car with Puig? If the answer is yes, your kids should be taken from you. Puig could have killed someone in my family who actually live in the same town in which he was arrested. He could have killed me on that same road if I was in town to visit. He could have killed others. This is a guy who got caught once and opted to put others in danger again, just as he instigated a brawl in 2018, got suspended, and then did so again the following year. What kind of a person does that?

        This is just as short list of Puig’s behavioral history. I hope he’s grown and makes efforts to change. I believe in growth and change. That no one has signed him with March around the corner,, should cause him to seriously look in mirror for extensive and honest soul searching.

        You also choose to be in denial about Puig, about the obvious,. and it’s me who’s asking what it is you’re running from that compels you to routinely try to defend the indefensible, with positions that make you look like you have intrinsic issues you’re running from and then project and leak outward through hundreds of articles in a common theme that appears in many.

        And I write this as a private post between us, for your sake, with the assumption it won’t be posted automatically without your intervention. And that it won’t be posted after unless you want to.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          With respect to Puig, his supposed bad behavior and not getting along with teammates is not well documented. In fact, what has been documented has been refuted. I’d also note the Reds argument runs counter to the argument he’s a bad teammate as he was caught up defending his teammates, and they appreciated it.

          In terms of the reckless driving, you raise a fair point. A very fair point. However, that was over six years ago, and I don’t see any indications he hasn’t grown as a person.

          As for MMO, you really have zero idea what happened. I’ll choose to keep all of that between Joe D. and me, including but not limited to who and what drove that decision; one, I’ll note I had a say in making.

  4. Rich Hausig says:

    Its an interesting idea. Puig is the player they accuse Cespedes of being. Having said that, whats the price? Give him the deal where he can request his release if he doesnt make the team. Chances are there is a reason no one wants Puig but could you imagine if it ever DID work out and they both play well?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      If that’s the case, you may win the World Series

  5. Oldbackstop says:

    So, since this article uses off-the-record sources, you simply discount it? Does BleacherReport just do libelous hatchet jobs on random players?

    Just because you are a blogger with an erratic relationship with the truth doesn’t mean their aren’t others out there who try to report fully and completely.

    Puig is a RIGHTFIELDER (we have Conforto) who has disintegrated to average with a history of selfish, undisciplined, unprofessional, childish, brain dead moves on and off the field.

    You have written two articles advocating the Mets sign him without a word of the negative swirl that has surrounded him wherever he goes.

    So were you unaware of all those issues? Or did you investigate them one by one and decide each was so groundless or contrived that they didn’t merit a sentence when advocating the Mets hire him for left field (note: Puig is a rightfielder)

    1. metsdaddy says:

      That article used innuendo to support a premise, and the on-the-record factual statements ran counter to that premise. Despite proof running contrary to the Puig slander, you continue to push it.

      I’d also note Conforto is a LF.

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        Oh….so you want Conforto in left and Puig in right?

        Why didn’t you say that?

        1. metsdaddy says:

          I said that in an earlier article, which was linked to this one.

  6. Karl H says:

    You must be a FOOL!!!! 1st off the Mets Don’t need all of those things to happen they just need one of those things to happen!!! Cespedes,NImmo,or Davis!!! 2nd and most IMPORTANTLY…… Puig is an ABSOLUTE CANCER!!!! He will NEVER fit in this clubhouse!!!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      So much of a cancer, the Dodgers made the postseason every year he was there, and the season after he left the Dodgers went from three straight NLCS and consecutive pennants to losing in the NLDS.

    2. Oldbackstop says:

      Karl H– thank you for your service.

      MD’s little write ups lately seem to be like a psychological experiment — take a bizarre stance (NEED! NOW!) — hire fading career rightfielder Puig to be our leftfielder (3 career game starts).

      Then, totally leave a gaping hole in the middle of his “analysis” by leaving out the central concern a reader would have — that Puig has been a cancer in every clubhouse he has been in, including three in the last 18 months that have no interest in his services even on a cheap one year deal.

      Never mind that, once things sort out in health concerns, Puig would be a weaker bat than Nimmo, Conforto, McNeil, JD Davis, Dom Smith or Cespedes. So we would have a 7th OFer on a new contract who is a career malcontent headcase.

      1. metsdaddy says:

        For all your reliance on rumor, innuendo, and personal vendettas, there’s a key element here you purposefully ignore – Puig’s teams have won.

        It is of little surprise you ignore facts which run completely counter to your tenuously built attack on Puig.

    3. Oldbackstop says:

      Karl — you have put your finger on it — Puig has been a cancer in every way:

      — creating drama and conflict with his immature behavior with teammates

      — chronically arriving late to meetings

      — lackluster participation up n in practices

      — poor conditioning leading to ballooning weight problems and conditioning related injuries.

      — reckless behavior off the field including two arrests for driving over 100 mph and a bar brawl

      — constant braindead play on the field….running into outs on the base paths, silly errors in the OF, airmailing balls to the wrong base, forgetting the number of outs, hitting a comebacker to the pitcher and walking off the field.

      — openly challenging the coaching staff by ignoring positioning direction.

      And the MD concept is bring him here and teach him a new position? I don’t think Harvard University could teach Puig to make an egg on toast

      The cold reality is….even if this was to be considered….we have the weakest and least experienced manager in major league baseball. Rojas is going to have to be facing down the usual antics and laziness of Thor, Cano, Ramos and Cespedes. Perhaps Terry or even Beltran had the gravitas to roll the dice on a horse’s ass that might have some baseball left in him. Rojas doesn’t and never will.

      1. metsdaddy says:

        So, if he’s such a cancer as you say, how’d Puig’s teams perform?

  7. Oldbackstop says:

    Puig has appeared in two World Series and slashed 191./224 /.383/.607.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Puig (NLDS) .317/.431/.417
      Puig (NLCS) .307/.358/.467

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        So, this is a new facial tic of yours, citing old playoff level specific performance. Doesn’t that sink Matz below Wacha, an NLCS MVP, and Porcello rings and glories?

        1. metsdaddy says:

          No, I countered your absurd microview by just expanding it further to show how pathetic your attempts to malign Puig are

          1. Oldbackstop says:

            I think your other members have voted. You are tone deaf to a******** on teams, I guess. It is a factor. Nobody in MLB has a worse reputation than Puig. And, no, it wasn’t all created out of thin air by meanies.

          2. metsdaddy says:

            So, despite the accounts being refuted, and despite his teams playing well, Puig holds teams back because, well, there’s something.

  8. Marc says:

    The question is, how much would you pay for a player who’s value was 1.3 wins last year? 2 wins = starting player. Maybe the reason he hasn’t signed is because he wants a big contract. For Puig, it’d have to be an incentive laden contract. He’d have to make the team, and then get rewarded for abs.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      A one year around $10 million seems about right.

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