Mets Entering Spring Training Incomplete

Finally, after an eventful winter, even by Mets standards, pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. While the Mets may have an idea as to what their 26 man roster will be, that doesn’t mean this organization is truly ready for the 2020 season.

First and foremost, they need a third everyday outfielder. Perhaps, that could be Yoenis Cespedes, but no one really knows what, if anything, he can contribute.

The Mets may plan to play J.D. Davis out there, and he could possibly platoon with Dominic Smith. Neither situation is ideal with both ideally being first baseman.

Even with Dellin Betances and presumably Michael Wacha, you’d ideally want one more big arm in the bullpen, especially when you can’t be sure what you’re getting with Jeurys Familia or Edwin Diaz. That leaves the Mets hoping either they or likely Robert Gsellman can be that guy.

This speaks to overall depth issues. While there enough bodies, we don’t know if they’re the right or good enough ones. We see that with Tomas Nido and Rene Rivera battling for the backup catcher spot.

Part of that money, which, of course, goes back to the ownership issue. We’ve known for over a decade now the Mets needed new owners, but only now do they realize that themselves.

Of course, they won’t go quietly into the night trying to get to run the Mets for five years with someone else’s money. Maybe their best argument to any new owner is they did that effectively in 2006.

Overall, this is a Mets team which could win the World Series. However, it’s going to need some help to get there and a lot to break right. If they get there, no one should bet against Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard in the postseason.

That’s an odd thing to say considering this time last year we were promised no more ifs.

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  1. LongTimeFan1 says:


    First you claim this is incomplete team, and then you claim this is team that could win the World Series.

    In essence however, the Mets are pretty much like every contender – talented but imperfect. The exception perhaps is the 2020 Dodgers on paper.

    The Yankees became a little less perfect when they lost Paxton to back surgery.

    Mets have MLBN Top 10 players at 5 positions and two pitchers. Nimmo, Conforto, McNeil, Alonso, Ramos, Degrom, Lugo.

    The rest of the offense includes a potent group: Cano, Cespedes, Smith, JD, Lowrie, Rosario, Marisnick..

    JD spent the offseason working on defense and agility.

    Cano spent the offseason working to keep his lower half healthy.

    Cespedes released a video of doing very intricate and challenging footwork drills that only healthy feet and ankles can do.

    Presumably Lowrie is healthy.

    Dominic Smith’s plan for the offseason was to get faster and more athletic defensively.

    Jeurys Familia lost 30 pounds acknowledging his poor 2019 was related in interfering with his pitching mechanics.

    Ramos has worked this offseason to move better behind the plate and better defensively overall.

    Diaz dedicated himself to nutrition, fitness and getting his pitching right this offseason, working with Pedro Martinez and Jeremy Hefner, and acknowledged he was overwhelmed pitching in New York but is now ready.

    I think Luis Rojas is going to be a great manager. He’s smart, extremely prepared, has huge baseball IQ, the respect of his players and it appears pretty much everyone. People talk about his presence. He pays attention to details, expects players to play hard and eliminate mental mistakes. He emphasizes team – everyone pulling from the same rope and understanding each and every player as people and strengths and weaknesses on field.

    New coaches Schneider, Hefner, Meulens, DiFrancesco (sp) are fantastic additions. So too the move to dive even deeper into technology and analytics and to massive collaboration and preparation.

    BVW says he learned a whole lot last season including that the difference between winning and losing games after game often comes down to the little things. And so he embarked to incorporate that lesson into basically everything this offseason to put this team into position to win via preparation, strategy, collaboration, personnel, technology, etc.

    His lone major omission this offseason is back up catcher.

    We’ve heard nothing about Nido’s offseason plans to improve, but let’s hope he dedicated his offseason to doing that and comes into camp a better version of himself defensively and at the plate like he’s capable of being.

    I’m excited for the potential debuts of several prospects including Peterson, Gimenez, Gilliam, Kevin Smith, Ali Sanchez – and the return to health of Killome and Drew Smith.

    I’m excited about Porcello and Wacha – two skilled pitchers with postseason experience, chips on the shoulders and prior success looking to get back on track.

    In just 2.5 weeks, games begin. Can’t wait to see our players and prospects, and improved versions of themselves.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The Mets COULD win a World Series because of their higher end talent, but they need a lot to break right.

      In fact, they need a lot more to break right than you usually see from much better constructed teams.

  2. Rich Hausig says:

    Hello MD,

    You can always be better, personally, I think the Yankees are still short a starter, maybe two. 😉 But something I think is missing in your analysis is whats going on behind the scenes.

    I go back and forth on how I feel about BVW but I think the organizational philosophies, structure and processes he has implemented will make a difference this year and in years to come. Kevin Kernan wrote a good piece this morning about the focus on ” the Mets way”.

    What is the WAR of having a sound organization behind a quality team? I guess we will find out. I think they are looking at 95+ wins.

    * One other note. Forget Nido, MD. Ali Sanchez is going to the make the team and make a huge difference defensively in the late innings, like his countrymen Wilmar Flores, always did on offense when coming off the bench in the late innings.

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