Mets Trust In Carlos Beltran Based On Seven Years, Not One Interview

There has been this prevailing notion the fate of Carlos Beltran should be determined by how honest he was with the Mets during his interviews for the managerial position.

The premise is if he lied they can’t trust him, and he should be fired. If he was honest, they really have no basis to fire him.

For a typical managerial hire, this would be true. After all, many managers are hired from outside the organization. As we saw with Mickey Callaway, you only really speak to a candidate once or twice, and then you vet that candidate.

But that’s not Beltran.

Carlos Beltran spent seven years with the Mets. During that time, Beltran and the team had a tumultuous relationship.

Fred Wilpon based Beltran in an interview with the New Yorker. The Mets fought with Beltran over his opting for knee surgery. Overall, Beltran was there for good times and bad times. In fact, with two collapses, the Madoff scandal, firing Willie Randolph one game into a west coast trip, and Francisco Rodriguez attacking his children’s grandfather in the family room, he was there for some of the worst times in team history.

Beltran is close with Omar Minaya and Allard Baird, both of whom are assistant general managers. He played for Terry Collins, who is a special assistant. He also played for AJ Hinch, who is a close personal friend of Mets General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen.

When you throw in Beltran’s personal relationships with other members of the front office like David Wright, and his playing for the Wilpons in all the seven years he played in Flushing, you realize the Mets know Beltran extremely well.

Based on that relationship, the Mets believed Beltran was the best person to lead the franchise in 2020 and into the future. A report where he was not explicitly found of any wrongdoing should do nothing at all to change that.

What happened with the Astros is a red herring as it pertains to the Mets. They know exactly the person who Beltran is, and they thought so highly of that person, they made him their manager. Right now, Beltran is the same person who interviewed for the job, was hired, and has been preparing for his first Spring Training as manager.

Don’t be fooled by moving narratives. Beltran is exactly the person they know him to be, and he’s not facing any punishment from baseball. As such, short of being instructed to do so by the commissioner, the Mets have zero basis to fire him for a supposed inability to trust a person with whom they have a long standing relationship.

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  1. oldbackstop says:

    Continuing your desperately needed life education, Mark Teixeira nailed it:

    “The New York Mets are in an impossible situation. There’s no way Carlos Beltran – especially in the pressure cooker of New York – there’s no way he can be the manager of the Mets………..He’s also a guy who cheated in the worst possible way during a World Series run. You cannot have that guy lead your team. The New York papers … will eat up Carlos Beltran every single day until he’s fired.”

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Teixeira is an idiot who profited off other guys cheating, and he never said a word as a player. In fact, he joined up with A-Rod.

      I’m not giving a hypocrite like that the time of day.

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        You have no moral compass. This guy helped devise a cheating system that won a World Series. Then he lied about it to at least the media and, I certainly l hope, the Wilpons. Then he dimed all his Astro teammates, helping turn their legacy as champions into a legacy of cheaters.

        Now, with zero managerial experience on any level, we are going to hand him the win-now Mets.

        I wouldn’t hire Carlos Beltran to wear sandwich boards in front of my head shop. I think he is a scumbag.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          You say this while defending the Wilpons constantly.

          I’m also going to guess you’re going to give J.D. Davis a pass for cheating too.

  2. oldbackstop says:

    BTW, Altulve won the MVP in 2017……second place was Aaron Judge and his 52 HRs and 1.049 OPS

  3. oldbackstop says:

    So….the entire thesis here is that Freddie knows best, and who are we to question the Wilpon’s judgement? Odd coming from you, other than the usual Masada defense when your stance on an issue tanks.

    Have you, in the history of this blog, ever punted and said the Wilpon’s must know what you don’t and that is fine, you’ll go with their mystery analysis?

    What Beltran did….and you can parse the words, but better connected real journalists are using terms like “a key role in devising the sign stealing system.” (The Athletic)

    Anyway, exactly as I said, “BELTRAN IS OUT TODAY. JUST ANNOUNCED”

    The Mets want to recover their integrity, go on their knees, hat in hand, to David Wright.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      No, that was not remotely my thesis. The entire point was the Mets knew exactly who it was they were hiring.

      I’d also note this is another instance where you defend the Wilpons which is hilarious given you trying to attack my integrity over Beltran.

      1. oldbackstop says:

        Well there are three scenarios regarding his hiring:

        1. He totally told the Mets everything “Hey in my last year when we won the WS, I pushed for and helped design an illegal sign stealing system using electronics, and about 50 people know.” And the Mets either said “yeah, bring that electronics shtt here.” or, like you, they said “ahhh, water under the bridge, old news, nobody will much care.”

        2. He told them he was an expert sign stealer, but left out the electronics. Given his later statements, this is the most probable.

        3. He just snowed them and it never came up.

        I would be interested to know when they started the system, because they started the season 2-5 on the road, then reeled off 6 straight wins when they got home.

        Although he’s my favorite player, I would like to know what JD says. He had 31 ABs at home and 31 on the road, and did much better at home. Same with Marisnick.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          1. Mets said they didn’t ask or investigate.
          2. Mets said they didn’t bring it up during the interview process.
          3. Mets said they were unaware of the allegations against the Astros.

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