Mets Not Having New Manager Yet Is Simply Incompetent

How can it be the New York Mets still have not named a replacement for Carlos Beltran?

Keep in mind, the Mets are in a completely different situation here than than the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox.

The Astros knew the hammer was going to come down from Major League Baseball, but they presumably did not know or could be quite sure they’d lose AJ Hinch for the year.

Seeing the rulings, the Astros moved quickly, and they fired Hinch to not just attempt to turn the page on the scandal, but to also figure out who was going to be their manager in 2020 and beyond.

The Red Sox seeing Alex Cora‘s level of involvement and knowing he was likely going to face harsher penalties than Hinch fired Cora the day after the report, and they immediately began their search for a new manager.

The Mets waited a few days, and they yielded to what was really a vocal demand from a minority to fire Beltran. Keep in mind, the Mets fired Beltran despite his not being suspended for the 2020 season.

The Astros and Red Sox knew they were going to be without their managers, and they acted accordingly. The Mets did something they did not have to do, and worse yet, they didn’t have a replacement immediately in mind.

That’s stupefying.

Consider, unlike the Astros and Red Sox, the Mets had undertaken a search this offseason to hire a new manager to replace Mickey Callaway.

The Mets know or should know who can be a manager of the Mets. They also know or should know who could handle this situation. And yes, with this being New York and the Mets, this is something which should have been contemplated.

Herein lies the problem.

According to reports, the New York Mets have not contacted Dusty Baker, John Gibbons, Buck Showalter, or really another established veteran like Bruce Bochy.

They’re also not going back into their candidate pool. Eduardo Perez was one of the finalists, and he has not been contacted again. The Milwaukee Brewers see their bench coach Pat Murphy as an ideal fit, but the Mets aren’t repursuing him.

After reading Mike Puma’s report in the New York Post, the Mets are essentially paralyzed “as team executives try to deduce the best way to please the prospective new boss.”

While the Mets are scared about what Cohen will think about a new hire, they’ve failed to realize he’s watching them fumbling through this process.

Like all of us, Cohen sees the Mets being completely reactionary and not remotely proactive in their handling of Beltran. We all see the Mets fire Beltran without a plan in place.

They’re afraid to interview someone else or conduct a new search. They were ill prepared and not willing to make Tony DeFrancesco, Hensley Meulens, or Luis Rojas their new manager.

The Mets could’ve fired Beltran, and they could’ve held up Rojas as their new manager showing us all their complete faith in him. We could’ve heard why DeFrancesco has the skills to lead the Mets starting in 2020. We could’ve heard about Meulen’s championship pedigree, and why they knew in the short time he’s been with the organization why he was the man for the job.

Of course, that’s not happening because the Mets fired Beltran without a plan. In fact, they fired him without having a clue what direction they’d like to go. The only thing they knew was Cohen was lurking on the horizon, and he was judging them.

When you break it all down, Brodie Van Wagenen’s and Jeff Wilpon’s entire handling of this situation has been inept, and with each passing day, they’re showing Cohen and the whole baseball world, they should not be entrusted with running a baseball organization.

33 thoughts on “Mets Not Having New Manager Yet Is Simply Incompetent”

  1. Oldbackstop says:

    Oh boy, I hope they have a plan for a number three starter, because Stroman just ran afoul of MD’s gag order:

  2. Oldbackstop says:

    **The Astros and Red Sox knew they were going to be without their managers, and they acted accordingly.**

    Oh, they knew, they fired their managers before the Mets, and…..what? They haven’t hired anybody, either.

    So what is your point? The Mets had the least notice, they have had less time than the other two teams, how exactly are they stupefying you?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The Astros and Red Sox are beginning a process from scratch, and both were forced into their actions because they were definitively losing their managers for 2020.

      The Mets had begun a process this offseason, still have many of their candidates available, and were not losing Beltran in 2020.

      I’d also note the Mets had the same exact notice as the Astros and Red Sox, and yet, were the slowest to respond.

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        The Mets didn’t have a manager that was disciplined by MLB. It took them a few days to work through a more grey area situation. They had to hear from Carlos, negotiate the end of the contract, probably check in with MLB and the player’s union about a less clear cut termination.

        So they took a few more days to get it right. They made the right decision and it was done with some class.

        Is there some gun being pointed at these teams heads that the new manager has to start Jan. 20 or Feb. 1 or whatever? No. More important to get it right than to get it quick.

        This rant, again, demonstrates that you have little or no real world life experience.

        I’m sorry you’re stupefied. Just not surprised.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Even taking your account at face value, which is farcical, the Mets still had zero idea on how to even proceed with their next manager.

          There aren’t leaks promoting who they want to replace Beltran, but rather, how Cohen has put this front office on notice.

          Saying this is anything other than incompetence is false.

  3. LongTimeFan1 says:


    Apparently, at some point last year it dawned on you that controversial headlines and nonsensical articles would net you more comments and clicks. Or you just enjoy the challenge of formulating an opinion on random topics that pop into your head.

    i suspect it’s both.

    This apparently is one of those articles.

    Yesterday it was Davey Johnson. although even that made far more sense than today’s.

    You’re just too smart to say some of the dumb things you do unless there’s an underlying purpose. The alternative is not particularly flattering so I choose to leave it unsaid.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      This is a completely ridiculous and unnecessarily insulting comment.

      With respect to Davey Johnson, we have seen the Redskins do something very similar prying Joe Gibbs out of retirement.

      By and large that worked in how it changed the narratives about the franchise at the time, and we saw Redskins fans and the media get excited about the hire.

      With respect to the Mets current situation, we’re now getting leaks about how Cohen has effectively put the entire front office in notice over this, and yet, you actually want to assert saying the Mets are handling this incompetently is nonsensical.

  4. Oldbackstop says:

    LTF1. — +1

    Let’s stage an intervention. This is like MD’s New Years resolution was to be dumbass clickbait

    1. metsdaddy says:

      You continue to troll.

  5. oldbackstop says:

    ***Even taking your account at face value, which is farcical, the Mets still had zero idea on how to even proceed with their next manager. There aren’t leaks promoting who they want to replace Beltran, but rather, how Cohen has put this front office on notice. Saying this is anything other than incompetence is false.****

    So because rumors haven’t reached *your* ears, the Mets are incompetent. Is the process measured by rumors dribbling down to the junior varsity? I would argue the opposite.

    And, mind you, your crack rumor connections never caught a whiff of the Yo-C rebate, despite a 1000 statements analyzing their budget.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      To summarize, the Mets never investigated widely known issues related to sign stealing, they fired a manager they didn’t have to fire with no plan to replace him in place, and the ensuing owner is so dissatisfied with how this is being handled start to finish, he’s put the front office on notice.

      Somehow, you again choose to attack me over this instead of finally admitting it’s long past time to stop making excuses for BVW.

      1. oldbackstop says:

        Put the front office on notice? Oh my….

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Yes. It’s in the article

  6. oldbackstop says:

    Manager hunt timeline:

    Astros 8 days
    Red Sox 7 days
    Mets 5 days


    1. metsdaddy says:

      As pointed out in the article, the Astros and Red Sox situation is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

      I’d also note unlike the Mets those other teams have been trying to find a manager

      1. oldbackstop says:

        You have, of course, figured out some basics, such as the fact that the Red Sox and Asterisks CAN’T hire from inside, because who knows who knows what inside the team.

  7. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    Meanwhile, the Braves sign Marcell Ozuna to 1/$18m.

    Smart club. They did the same, 1/18m, with Cole Hamels. They pay a little more and get short deals on good players with some upside left. Their judgment was superb wrt Donaldson (1/23m) last season, then they declined to buy into his mid- to late thirties for $100m. They also added two strong bullpen arms for 2020-2020 in Wills Smith and Harris, going to a third year to get Harris and his age 35-37 seasons, but at just 8m per season. Their FO is going to be tough to beat over the next 5 years, at least.

    I had wanted the Mets to sign Charlie Morton last offseason and thought he could put them over the top–was a little surprised the Braves didn’t go get him given he went to the Rays for just 2/30m, but it looks like they thought Donaldson would be the better fit with the money they had to spend. Hard to argue, given the results, but I thought it was strange at the time. Donaldson could have been a bust, or close to it, while Morton had a decent shot at being very, very good, and a better chance than Donaldson of being at least respectable.

    I wonder what their thinking was, given they had a Dallas Keuchel-sized hole in their rotation for a chunk of the season and only the likes of Kevin Gaussman, Bryse Wilson, and Kyle Wright available to fill it, then went out and spent 85% of Morton’s AAV to get 19 starts from Keuchel.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      They did a good job insulating themselves from the loss of Donaldson

      1. Blair M. Schirmer says:

        @metsdaddy They did indeed, with no overlong commitments. One might question two 3-year deals for relievers, but for the good ones you can’t avoid it. They added 1/18m, 1/18m, 3/40m, and 3/24m for their main acquisitions, or $57.33m, at least. I think there was at least one more FA for a few mil. If so, that’s up to at least 60m in salary added for 2020, but only $21.33m for 2021 and 2022. Including Smith they have only 67m committed for 2021, and a lot of arb 2 players to address.

        They’re going to be tough to beat.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          They are, and that’s before you consider their young players taking yet another step forward

  8. oldbackstop says:

    ndy Martino: Mets narrow managerial search to Luis Rojas, Hensley Meulens, and Tony DeFrancesco

    So, MD, that is why the Mets have not been generating rumors about contacting outside candidates. Not because they are “incompetent”, but because after five days (compared to 8 and 7 for the Asterisks and RedSox) they are going inside.

    This is because they CAN stay inside, unlike the other two, whose coaches have tainted histories.

    So now I’m sure you will climb back down from your “stupefacation” at their “incompetence” because you have such “integrity.”….

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The Mets sticking with an internal candidate and being unable to decide between them further shows how incompetent they are.

      They’ve interviewed Rojas and DeFrancesco for this job already. Both of them have been employees for years. If you can’t decide between them despite knowing everything you need to know, you’re incompetent.

      Saying otherwise is being argumentative for its own sake.

      1. Oldbackstop says:

        It has been a week….six days for chrissake. Remember you were saying they didn’t properly VET Beltran?

        Having multiple candidates under contract is a nice luxury.

        To do this correctly you need to be sure that not only the guy but his family checks out …is his wife a raging alcoholic probe to scenes? Does his gambling addict brother live with him? Has he ever smacked around his wife under the legal radar? He’s he done his taxes? What does his high school coach think of him?

        They run test press conferences to see how the guy does under fire. Every decision maker may want to meet with him a few times. You probably run psychological tests.

        Once you choose a guy you need to negotiate a contract. Arrange a press conference. Get the Mets principal’s schedules.

        There is no rush other than your anxiety. And in several articles you bemoaned the poor vetting they had done with Beltran. So decide in two weeks, not five days. Look like you give a crap.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          They already did all of this, and yet they can’t decide.

          1. Oldbackstop says:

            No, they wouldn’t have taken the time to do this intense vet back in October on the final 2 or 3 or 5, you do it once a guy is the man. Plus one guy wasn’t in the running back in Oct, Tony D.

            Ferchrisake, the biggest issue is they didn’t properly vet Beltran. What is your problem? A good vet doesn’t happen in a few days. You hear something and you have to hunt down someone else and then that person drops some other person’s name you have to find and then that woman says he wasn’t her baby daddy.

            You are up for any serious government job they are knocking on your neighbor’s doors and hunting down frat brothers.

            Just calm down. We already know what there mistake likely is — they are hiring an internal no-name who has run a major league press conference.

            If you are a Wilpon you love this, because they are paying Mickey for next year, and this guy will be cheaper than Beltran, so whheeeeee.

          2. metsdaddy says:

            Rojas has been an employee for 13 years, and DeFrancesco has been for two. Both were re-vetted and interviewed for the position.

            The Mets have all the information they need on both.

            You can try to twist it and distract from the truth all you want, but this is a front office paralyzed weeks before Spring Training with no one running the ship as plans are supposed to be finalized.

            Saying this is anything but incompetent is purposefully obfuscating the truth.

  9. Oldbackstop says:

    “The Mets have all the information they need on both.”

    As usual, you have no idea if what you say is true, false or questionable.

    This decision is about a judgement between three for the best guy for the job, made by a number of involved parties, a major one, apparently, being new to the process, Cohen.

    It is not merely about whether beat his wife or has a opiate addiction or fails his physical or answers “your mom’s vagina” for every Rohschach card.

    It may also be that as the decision making process moves forward, there is a sneaky consensus that maybe there guys aren’t ready and/or capable, and the Mets do have to look outside.

    The RedSox and Asterisks have been at it longer and have worse situations to deal with. Once they have both filled their spots….after a week or so….you can start wondering why the Mets are still assessing.

    You are standing outside the movie theater screaming the movie sucks. Just calm down.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      So, you’re going to sit there and say with a straight face after employing these people for years and having interviewed them for the position, they don’t need to know all they need to know?

      You know you’re allowed to look at things objectively and criticize Van Wagenen for his failures as a GM

    2. oldbackstop says:

      I don’t know how else to make this a teaching moment for you. The vetting and decision making for a FINAL choice greatly outweighs that for a CANDIDATE, which are all two of the three apparent inside candidates were in October. You don’t get that, you seem to think every employee or top ten candidates go through the same rigorous process.

      You also seem to not capiche that there is burden on the Mets to give every bolt another tightening in this particular week compared to every other week since 1962, since they totally f’ed up Beltran.

      Martino says the decision is in a few days between the inside candidates. You know what? The Red Sox search has been going longer, way, way longer since they must have known there guy was going to be disciplined and since they canned him within an hour of the discipline. Exact same thing for the Astros. These are championship organizations, taints aside. They have been looking longer and with more lead time than the Mets.

      I guarantee you, despite the live example of the other two clubs, if the Mets announce their choice in a few days, there are going to be people screaming they didn’t take their time, didn’t look hard enough, why did they rush when the other teams are doing due diligence, etc. You are the only one who is going to be saying a week is outrageously long.

      But your goal in 2020 seems to be winding up the only person on the irrational side. The cheese stand alone.

      1. metsdaddy says:

        You don’t know how to make it a teaching moment because you’re purposefully ignoring facts and making it up as you go along.

        You’re also comparing the Mets to other situations which are not remotely analogous.

        Through it all, you’re responses amount to nothing more than reaching for anything, regardless of its truth, to try to defend Van Wagenen for his incompetence. I’m not remotely surprised as this is your MO

  10. Oldbackstop says:

    Sooooo now they have a manager, quicker than anyone. Didn’t even look outside. Still think they incompetently took top long?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Yes, from start to finish, this was handled completely incompetently.

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