Not An Onion Article: Jeff Wilpons Selling His Business Expertise

Well, they say those who can’t do, teach. In that vein, an article from The Real Deal says Jeff Wilpon “has been running a separate company that develops stadiums, complexes, and other related real estate for a fee from sports teams and leagues, according to Bloomberg.”

Some things to keep in mind here.

First, it was Fred Wilpon and his brother-in-law, Saul Katz, who built what became the real estate empire. Like most children, Jeff Wilpon had no involvement in that.

Second, at the moment, according to Forbes, Sterling Equities (the Wilpons real estate arm) has yet to provide their share of the financing for the Islanders Belmont Arena.

Third, post construction of Citi Field and post-Madoff, according to New York Business Journal, shares in the Mets have seen a diminution in fair market value.

Last, and perhaps most important, the reason the Mets are being sold is because of Jeff Wilpon.

This is the same Jeff Wilpon who subjected the team to a lawsuit due to his firing an unwed pregnant woman. He’s forced players like Pedro Martinez to pitch against medical and manager advice. He also tried to intercede with Carlos Beltran getting career saving surgery. That’s all part of his meddling in medical decisions despite his lack of a college degree, let alone a medical one.

These behaviors and others is why Mets fans have been begging him to be gone. It’s not just fans. It’s his family which felt the same way with brother no longer being involved with the Mets due to the treatment of Kazuo Matsui, and eventually, the family, as reported by The New York Times, was “increasingly wary of having Jeff Wilpon, their aggressive, short-tempered relative, in charge of the family’s most valuable heirloom.”

So, there you have it. Despite no one wanting him to run things, and despite the inability to yet provide financing for the Islanders project, Jeff Wilpon is taking his show on the road to tell you exactly how it should be done.

Perhaps, there’s value there in that you can learn exactly what not to do. Mostly, this is something which would be hilarious if it wasn’t so real.

5 Replies to “Not An Onion Article: Jeff Wilpons Selling His Business Expertise”

  1. LongTimeFan1 says:

    There’s an easy answer. Outside of baseball circles there’s the fan and media taint of Jeff is what it is – noise with an agenda.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’m sorry, but I find it hard to believe his company’s inability to yet secure financing is due to fan and media taint.

  2. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    Selling business experience, eh? Hmm.

    Making big money in 2019 tends to be specialty work. It’s often less about creating wealth than it is extracting wealth–one result being that we have less economic mobility than nearly every other ostensible democracy. Everything that can be turned into financial instruments is being turned into financial instruments. The rich own our politics now without remit or leaven. Much of the purpose of the NY Mets–to the Wilpons–is to serve as a tool and masquerade through which to extract wealth from the state. Think of the hundreds of millions of dollars stolen through the bribed construction of Citi Field on behalf of billionaires. If the team accomplished nothing else for them, the stadium alone is a remarkable siphon of a literal fortune in tax dollars away from people who actually work for a living, a siphon that will continue over decades to put hundreds of millions of dollars into ownerships’ pockets before being blown up and paved over, and even though taxes on the rich are already at historic, post-Great Depression lows.

    —-Not at all speaking of which, anyone else enjoying the tv series, The Expanse? Season 4 was just released (no spoilers, please!) and I decided to watch the pilot, from Season 1. Hadn’t realized how well crafted it is, so I stayed with it. Now well into Season 3. What a blast! Complex, character driven, terrific fx, engaged in the great issues of being and existence, war and peace…. It’s terrific stuff.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’ll have to check the show out whenever I get a chance. Thanks for the suggestion

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