Tommy Pham Should Inspire You To Have A Catch With Your Kid

In terms of his Major League career, it hasn’t been easy going for Tommy Pham. He would need to overcome a lot just to stand on the field during this ALDS.

Pham had a number of injuries in the minors, but it was keratoconus, a degenerative eye condition, which eventually causes blindness. In fact, Pham is legally blind in one eye. Fortunately, he’d have vision and career saving surgery.

As his surgeon, Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler would say of Pham, “If somebody would tell me an individual could play Major League Baseball with keratoconus, I’d say, ‘Absolutely not.’ Only Tommy Pham. I think Tommy is one in a million.” (Derrick Goold, St. Louis Dispatch).

After a terrific 2017, where he had a 6.2 WAR, Pham would struggle in 2018. This led to his clashing with his manager, Mike Matheny, who would eventually be fired for tumult like this. Ultimately, Pham fell out of favor with the Cardinals leading to his getting traded to the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Cardinals loss is the Rays gain. That was all the more apparent with Pham having a strong 2019 season for the Rays.

Pham hit a big homer in the Wild Card Game, and in Game 4 of the ALDS with the Rays facing both elimination and Justin Verlander, Pham’s homer in the top of the first set the tone for the Rays who’d win 4-1.

After the 4-1 victory, Pham was asked about who he wanted to thank for getting to this point in his career, and he would answer himself for never giving up.

He talked about throwing a ball to himself and throwing a ball up so he could hit it. Now, these are things we all did as kids. However, unlike many of us, that was Pham’s only option because he didn’t have a dad growing up.

Hearing that shows you the dedication and drive Pham had to get to this point. It also shows you the love of the game for him to do that. It shows how he can overcome all obstacles including not having a dad and a degenerative eye disorder.

This makes Pham both a role model and an inspiration.

He also should serve as a reminder to take time for your kids. We all get you’ve had a long day at work, and you’re exhausted. Dinner needs to be made. Homework needs to get done. There are practices, music lessons, and so much more.

What we also have is plenty of time during the week. At some point during those seven days, we can easily find time to dust off our mitts and have a catch with our kids. If your kid isn’t into baseball, then something else.

Kick a soccer ball. Throw a football. Fly a kite. Play tag. Something. Anything.

Fact is you have an opportunity Pham didn’t. That’s to have that father-son relationship. Cherish it. Take advantage o it.

You can start by throwing some BP.

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  1. George Williams says:

    And after all that hes a self absorbed jacka**

    1. metsdaddy says:

      No need to bash the guy, especially with blanket baseless claims

  2. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    “He also should serve as a reminder to…” support universal health care.

    This is a political story as much as it is any other kind. Without surgery Pham would have had no chance at the life he dreamed of, and the lack of universal health care in the U.S., something enjoyed by the peoples of every other developed nation in the world and by 33 of the 34 OECD countries, stands in the way of millions of children–and tens of millions of Americans overall–getting the care they need and deserve.

    Pham’s story is also a reminder that all the smoke and nonsense thrown up by both major parties has but one main purpose–to distract us from the need to return taxes on the rich back to where they were under Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the halcyon 1950s to which many say they want to return: where we ensured the rich pay for all the tremendous benefits they receive from our commonly built, commonly held, 37 trillion dollar national infrastructure–without which no one gets rich, and no one stays rich–through a 91% upper marginal rate on the rich, which translates to an effective rate around 55%, something which would substantively reduce taxes on working people while more than funding universal health care. The smoke and nonsense from both parties is about money. Of course it’s about money.

    Meanwhile, lack of universal health care kills 50,000 Americans each year and bankrupts 500,000 more, all in order to enrich a very few corrupt owners of our political process.

    One might argue this is a baseball site, not a political one, but many baseball stories have strong political elements and overtones.

    Tommy Pham’s is one of those stories, and it’s a reminder of the tens of millions of Americans who don’t get get anything like the care they should because our corrupt political system funnels $1.62 trillion each year in corporate welfare to the medical industries through the deadly farce, including death panels presided over by insurance companies, of for-profit health care.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I strive to keep politics off the site, and honestly, I think using Pham’s surgery to discuss it is reaching.

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