Mets Managerial Search Seems Aimless

Normally, when you hear the third round is happening in Flushing Meadows, you’re keeping an eye towards the draw Roger Federer and Serena Williams have in the quarterfinals and beyond. However, now, in October, it is in reference to the Mets managerial search.

At times during the search, we have heard many different things. The job was Joe Girardi‘s to turn down, and he was hired by the Philadelphia Phillies. There have been reports the job is going to be given to Tim Bogar, Carlos Beltran, or Eduardo Perez.

So far, the only thing which was been announced is there are going to be more interviews. After the Mets moved swift to hire Mickey Callaway after just one interview, you could certainly understand the Mets due diligence. However, at some point, you do wonder how much of this is due diligence and how much of this is indecision.

We have seen the Mets remove Mike Bell, Skip Schumaker, and Luis Rojas from consideration. That’s is what you expect when you see teams move forward in the interview process. However, while we have seen these names be dropped from consideration, we continue to see new ones emerge.

Syracuse Manager Tony DeFrancesco had an interview, and he may still be a part of the mix. The same can be said about Brewers Bench Coach Pat Murphy. Those are just the names which have recently emerged while we all await the identity of the supposed “bombshell candidate.”

There are rumors that could be Alex Rodriguez or David Wright (both of whom laughed it off), and there is the rumor Brodie Van Wagenen is really waiting to hire his longtime friend AJ Hinch after the World Series ends. This is of course rampant speculation, but that’s what many are left with as the team has been quite deliberate in their process.

Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being deliberate in the process. The Mets should take as much time as they need to find out who is the right man for the job. Of course, as time passes and the Mets include more and more people this late in the process, you have to wonder if they believe the group of people they are interviewing really can be that person.

Time will tell if the Mets are interviewing the right people. We will find that out when they make a decision. Actually, when you think about it, the Mets will truly find that out when their next manager begins managing games.

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  1. LongTimeFan1 says:

    In the absence of Mets brass making public comments since announcing Callaway’s firing, we’re left with reports from insiders trying to gather intel from what is very tight-lipped search and interview process. If the reporting is accurate, it is indeed beginning to feel aimless and that they don’t really have the fit they seek. While the right decision is crucial, and extensive vetting and conversation is necessary, shutting out the public this long,, isn’t.

    I’m very patient person but even mine is beginning to wear thin. Mets ought to brief the public or come to a decision by week’s end. World Series finished by then, free agency begins. Unless there’s true bombshell candidate who needs more t time for whatever reason, it’s time to wrap this up by Thursday or Friday and brief the public on offseason plans.

    Decision-making is tough – I get it. I’m torn too – Bogar, Beltran, Perez all have qualities and circumstances I like, but no one is perfect fit. I wonder if Mets and candidates are also discussing potential bench coach options and trying to interview those as well?

    Or doing something really outside the box – co-managers?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I think it’s very possible the Mets are talking with each of these candidates for roles other than manager. We saw the Dodgers do that when they hired Roberts as manager and Geren as bench coach.

  2. Dallas says:

    The entitlement of some fans is hilarious. I love this new agenda that everyone is pushing about the Mets being so aimless and indecisive because they are being thorough in their search. They should rush their decision because joe random fan wants them to make a faster decision? We will all know soon enough. Whoever they choose the media, blogs and random angry twitter fans will rise up in anger because they like to make drama out of nothing. The difference in the best vs worst manager is at best 2-3 games? Honestly most of it comes down to the support system they have (what does the front office provide in terms of support such as analytics etc) and the team they field. No one would mistake TC for a managing genius but he had the Mets in the WS. The greatest tactician in the world simply isn’t going to make a marked difference over your average manager with the same players and information. I’m sure the Mets are interested in some of the other intangibles like communicating with the media, interaction with players and ability to work with the front office. I’m sure however they choose is going to be decent based on the effort they appear to be putting in.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Your comment makes me question if you even read what I wrote, and if you did, if this was supposed to be in response to the piece.

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