Mets Fan Ideal 2019 World Series Winners

First and foremost, we all know the ideal 2019 World Series would involve the Mets beating whichever American League team won the pennant. As it stands, the 2019 World Series winner is not going to be an ideal situation for Mets fans. To that end, here’s a ranking on what Mets fans would probably like to see happen.

Houston Astros

The Mets and Astros broke into the Majors together in 1962. Through that time, the only time these two franchises ever really clashed was the 1986 NLCS. In the NLCS, there were (proven) allegations Mike Scott was scuffing the ball. Fortunately, thanks to a miracle rally in Game 6 and Keith Hernandez threatening Jesse Orosco if he threw another fastball, the Mets prevailed in that series.

Really, if you want to be sour grapes about the Astros, you could pinpoint how an Astros World Series would cement their status as a better expansion franchise than the Mets. Still, when you see the other options, that is the least of Mets fans concerns.

Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals franchise began in 1969 when they were the Montreal Expos. Before the time the Expos moved to Washington, the only real issue you’d have is the Expos taking out the Mets in 1998 ending their Wild Card dreams. Of course, with the Expos sending the Mets Gary Carter in 1985, you could overlook it.

Really, if you look deeper, there isn’t much to the Mets/Nationals rivalry. The two teams have only been good together in three seasons. In 2015, the Mets embarrassed a Nationals team who choked figuratively, and thanks to Jonathon Papelbon attacking Bryce Harper, they literally choked too.

In 2016, Daniel Murphy tipped the power balance between the two teams, but that still didn’t keep the Mets out of the postseason. After that season, the Nationals would remain a competitive team while the Mets fell by the wayside.

This year, the two teams were good again with some memorable games. The August 10th game was a real highlight for the Mets with Luis Guillorme‘s pinch hit homer followed by J.D. Davis‘ sacrifice fly to give the Mets an exciting victory. Of course, the less said the better about Paul Sewald, Luis Avilan, Edwin Diaz, Ryan Zimmerman, and Kurt Suzuki, the better.

New York Yankees

Putting aside Yankee fans crowing about all the rings won back in the days of the reserve clause and the game being integrated, there is enough history between these teams to despite the Yankees. There’s Derek Jeter being named the MVP of the 2000 World Series. As bad as the blown game against the Nationals was, Luis Castillo dropping Alex Rodriguez leading to Mark Teixeira scoring the winning run arguably felt all the worse.

Since Interleague Play started, this has been an intense rivalry with the Mets having a number of low moments. Aside from these, there was Mariano Rivera being walked to force in a run, Johan Santana having a career worst start, and everything Roger Clemens. Really, Clemens throwing a ball and bat at Mike Piazza with the Yankees who once accused Clemens of head hunting rushing to his defense is sufficient enough to hate them.

Of course, we then have Joe Torre, who has been the one who not only delivers the message but also defends Major League Baseball not allowing the Mets to wear the First Responders’ caps on 9/11.

St. Louis Cardinals

The so-called “Best Fans in Baseball” called the New York Mets teams of the 1980s pond scum. That’s how intense this rivalry was, and really, continues to be.

Going back to the 1980s, this was as intense a rivalry as there was in baseball. You can pinpoint to any number of plays and player like Terry Pendleton, John Tudor, and so much more. Even with realignment, this rivalry never truly subdued. The Mets got the better of the Cardinals with Timo Perez, Edgardo Alfonzo, and NLCS MVP Mike Hampton running roughshod over the Cardinals.

In 2006, Adam Wainwright freezing Carlos Beltran is forever crystalized into everyone’s minds. Beyond that was Scott Spiezio‘s game tying RBI triple off Guillermo Mota (why did he shake off Paul Lo Duca) and So Taguchi‘s homer off Billy Wagner. There was much more including Albert Pujols trash talking Tom Glavine (back when that was a bad thing).

Overall, the absolute worst case scenario is a Cardinals-Yankees World Series. Really, Yankees against anyone is the worst case scenario. Of course, that is the worst case for this World Series. The real worst case is seeing what Brodie Van Wagenen has in store as he tries to top trading away Jarred Kelenic and Justin Dunn to get Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz.

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  1. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    “The real worst case is seeing what Brodie Van Wagenen has in store as he tries to top trading away Jarred Kelenic and Justin Dunn to get Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz.”

    —I think we’re in one of those situations where the good news is, Wags probably won’t be trading away top farm talent, while the bad news is, that’s because there almost isn’t any top farm talent left. No one to trade unless it’s going to be even more ridiculous than last offseason, with no additions via free agency to look forward to. Lose today, lose tomorrow.

    The way the Wilpons count payroll, it looks like $177.17m is committed for 2020 for 25 players incl Cespedes, while also counting Wright’s $12m.

    MLBTradeRumors gives the following guys getting 48m total in arbitration. (I’m not including Panik since I don’t think there’s any chance the Mets go to arb with him when they have Guillorme.)

    Marcus Stroman – $11.8MM
    [[Joe Panik – $5.1MM ]]
    Noah Syndergaard – $9.9MM
    Steven Matz – $5.3MM
    Michael Conforto – $9.2MM
    Edwin Diaz – $7.0MM
    Seth Lugo – $1.9MM
    Brandon Nimmo – $1.7MM
    Robert Gsellman – $1.2MM

    That’s $48m for 8 players

    In addition, among the main players, we have:

    –Cano I counted it as 20.75m. (You can count it as an AAV of 20m if you want.)
    –deGrom 25m 2020 (2021: 35.5m 2022 35.5m; 2023 32.5m 2019 9m)
    ………. Over 5 years the avg is 27.5m

    –Cespedes 29.5m (AAV 27.5m)
    –Familia 11.67 (AAV 10m)
    –Lowrie 10m
    –Ramos 10.25m (9.5m AAV)
    –Wilson 5m

    Through Wilson that’s $112.17m. Add David Wright, it’s 123.17m
    Now add the 48m in arb salaries, and that’s 171.17m for those 16 players, but count it as 15 since the Wilpons and the insurers bought out Wright’s deal and he’s off the roster.

    That’s 15 players at $171.17m.

    Figure 10 more players at around 600k each, and that’s 25 players at $177.17m

    If you count the actual AAV in current $ you can subtract $3.17m for a total for 25 players of $174m.

    —Either way the cupboard is bare, and payroll looks close to maxed out. It won’t be pretty.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      That synopsis is spot on

  2. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    Thanks, MD! Speaking of ongoing… stuff, here’s a Heyman tweet:

    Jon Heyman


    “Hearing Carlos Beltran is very serious candidate for Mets manager. Has close relationship w/key FO guys Allard Baird and Omar Minaya, both said to support. @Ken_Rosenthal 1st linked CB to job. Interestingly, 3/4 known candidates have no MLB managing experience; also Bell, Shelton” 678 1:05 PM – Oct 11, 2019

    —It’s difficult to believe they’d consider bringing in another guy with no experience managing. What can they be thinking?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      They’re trying to flip narratives. That’s all.

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