Mets Opted For Wilson Ramos Over Noah Syndergaard And Winning

The Mets are not interested in doing all they can do to grab the second Wild Card. No, they’d rather prove a point and send a message to Noah Syndergaard than do everything they can do to win a pivotal game.

Despite Syndergaard pitching like a Cy Young caliber pitcher with Tomas Nido and Rene Rivera behind the plate, the Mets started Wilson Ramos. After all, as an organization, you’d rather be invested in the 31 year old catcher than the 26 year old pitcher who is the last Mets pitcher to both win a World Series game and have a scoreless postseason start.

Well, as is usually the case, Ramos couldn’t get the low strikes, and as is typically the case, he wasn’t calling for Syndergaard to throw those pitches. The ball was elevated, his pitch count was going up, and eventually he hung one to Gavin Lux who hit a three run homer capping off a four run inning.

With Clayton Kershaw, it was game over. In his 12 year career, he’s lost just one game where he’s had four runs of support. He’s now 104-1. As was expected, he shut down the Mets offense because he’s Kershaw.

Throw in Jeurys Familia, Luis Avilan (why is he allowed to face RHB), and Walker Lockett getting roughed up to that tune of five runs combined along with the Mets only getting one home with the bases loaded in the seventh, you get a 9-2 loss.

That’s on a day the Cubs won pushing the Mets to 3.0 games back of the second Wild Card.

There were a couple of middle fingers to Syndergaard and the fans in this game from the Mets. Despite the purported need for Ramos to catch Syndergaard due to his offense, Juan Lagares would start, and Pete Alonso would sit. Finally, Nido would catch the ninth.

Hopefully, sending this message to Syndergaard was worth it. Judging by the score and losing a game in the standings, it wasn’t making this just a petty decision to cut their noses to spite their ace.

Game Notes: The Dodgers have won nine straight at Citi Field. That’s 10 straight if you include Game 4 of the 2015 NLDS.

6 Replies to “Mets Opted For Wilson Ramos Over Noah Syndergaard And Winning”

  1. PD says:

    So Thor can’t throw to a guy who had success woth Scherzer, Strasberg, Gio … and now Wheeler, Matz, Degrom … yeah I can see how loading up a hanger over the plate vs a .230 rookie who hits is 404ft HR is the catchers fault… oy gaval.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Lux is an Uber prospect, and your citing pitchers who attack different parts of the zone.

  2. MessyMick says:

    It’s very simple. Messy Mikey thinks he’s a stubborn baseball guru. He just wants his way and denies Thor’s request for another catcher. Messy Mikey, the GM, and owners need to go.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Callaway would start Nido if he had the power to do so.

      This is on Brodie who is more interested in his guys than winning.

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