Mets Loss Highlights Defense Matters

There are a number of reasons why the Mets lost this game to the Phillies. Going 0-for-11 with RISP and leaving nine runners on base certainly attributed to that. Behind that was defense.

The key play was in the first. The Mets loaded the bases with two outs, and Todd Frazier hit what should’ve been a bases clearing double off Drew Smyly. It appeared that was going to be the case until Adam Haseley made a leaping catch in right to end the inning.

Conversely, the Phillies four run fourth began when J.D. Davis had a brutal error allowing Scott Kingery to reach. From there, the Phillies continued to hit Marcus Stroman, who allowed a season high 10 hits. One of the reasons why was the BABIP gods were unfair tonight. There were others including defense. All told, it was a four run inning putting the Phillies up 5-0.

Those two errors were the difference as was the ability to capitalize on them. For example, the Mets had first and second no outs in the bottom of that inning with Todd Frazier and Juan Lagares reaching on successive Brad Miller errors.

That’s where Mickey Callaway made some very curious decisions. At that point, Stroman had been laboring all night, and the Mets were down five. This was their chance to capitalize, and Callaway stood in the way.

Knowing he was removing Stroman, he still let Tomas Nido hit over Wilson Ramos. After not using Ramos, he then didn’t have Ramos, who has been great in the second half, hit. Instead, he used Jed Lowrie who just rejoined the team after a very lengthy IL stint.

From there, the Mets never really threatened, and that Phillies continued to play very good defense. In the end, it was a 5-0 loss. That’s a loss the Mets cannot afford to have. They need to be better than this because they’re running out of time. That being better especially includes defense.

Game Notes: Drew Gagnon was recalled from Syracuse. To make room for him on the roster, Dominic Smith was placed on the 6 0 day IL.

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  1. David Klein says:

    Not much to this one Mets really let Smyly off the hook the first four innings and really after Davis dropped the ball Stroman instead of picking up Davis he gave up a laser show to the next five hitters. Who knows if Haisley doesn’t rob Frazier of a three run double how the game goes though Stroman was brutal. Not sure why Haisley was in RF instead of CF and really if Kingery or Harper was in RF I don’t think either guy gets to the ball. I’m not sure why in the hell Mickey allowed Nido to hit in the fourth with two on and no out with a full bench and two catchers and really no idea why he started over Rivera or Ramos today I mean Ramos had Thursday off for goodness sakes. Why Mickey hit Lowrie in a big spot in his first at bat since last October made no sense.

    I hated the Stroman trade from the start and he’s been a disaster they might have even better off going with Lockett even and keeping Kay and SWR. Kay even pitched today and outpitched Stroman.

    You know between the Kelenic trade, the Familia signing and other moves including the Stroman it sure looks like Brodie is one of the worst general managers in baseball, hey good news he’s here at least three more years, oy vey.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      You can’t do the Stroman trade and not back it up with at least a bullpen arm. Doing that made it yet another half measure on their selling off the farm for a slightly above .500 team.

  2. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    Thanks to Christian Yelich the Mets stay 4 GB the Cubs for the 2nd wildcard.

    The bad news, though, is that the Diamondbacks, a better team than the Mets, are winning more in line with their RS/RA numbers and have crept to 2.5 games ahead of the Mets. The Mets probably won’t be able to rely on luck to win this race since now there are at least 2 better teams to leapfrog (plus the Phillies and Brewers). 4 games behind, trailing 4 teams, 21 games to go.
    BBRef has the Mets at 6.4% to make the post after last night. Fivethirtyeight has them at 7%, and I think that includes tonight’s game as they tend to update in real time. Syndergaard goes against journeyman Vince Velazquez tomorrow. The Mets have a solid shot. VV is gopher-prone, but he K’s enough that if he can keep the ball in the yard he can be a problem, and he gets to pitch at Citi. Should be fun, and has a not insignificant chance of turning into a pitchers’ duel. Be nice to see the Mets put a couple over the fence early.

    Fwiw it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the ‘backs overtake the Cubs for the 2nd wildcard.

    Nice to see Conforto in RF, where he belongs–that was a great catch. Fantastic to see Alonso grab the NL HR lead. How many rookies have ever cracked 50 HR and 120 RBI in a season? The Stroman deal was a disaster as far as this year goes. Who knows why van Wagenen thought trading away the Mets two best milb pitchers for a modest talent, then dealing away Vargas made sense. It was a trivial upgrade particularly as the latter move brought Matz back out of the pen, and given that if Wags had been thinking at all, he could have packaged Richardson and Kay for a real area of need at the *start* of the season. Instead we get the usual haphazard ineptitude, backing and filling, and only trading after the team has dug itself into a hole. Too bad, too, that we don’t have Wheeler for another year. As it stands, even if the Mets don’t trade away Syndergaard, the rotation rates to be worse going into 2020 than it was going into 2019, given the complete lack of a 5th starter.

    Good GMs trust their judgment, but it’s clear Wags is still as clueless as the guy who traded for Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano, and signed a post-peak Familia for close to top dollar when the game’s best relievers weren’t making all that much more by AAV. This time w the Stroman deal even more of the Mets future was dealt just to grab at the chance to continue to fake contention for a little while longer.

    2021 and after is going to be horrendous. Even next year’s club looks to be worse than the 2019 version.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      The Mets absolutely deserve to watch Wilmer Flores make the postseason while they golf.

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