Congratulations Pete Alonso

This final series and tonight was about Pete Alonso trying to surpass Aaron Judge‘s single season rookie home run record. It didn’t take long as he absolutely destroyed a Mike Foltynewicz fastball for his record breaking 53rd homer:

The sheer joy he exhibited as he rounded those bases was incredible. The emotion he showed subsequent was genuine. Not since Wilmer Flores has a Mets player become so overcome with emotion they cried on the field.

Alonso did that.

It shows how much he loves the game. It shows how much he’s overtaken by this just as we all are. We see him being a better and more genuine person than he is a baseball player. When you think about it, that’s saying something.


0 thoughts on “Congratulations Pete Alonso”

  1. David Klein says:

    Surprised you credited Pete and not Mickey for the homer

    1. metsdaddy says:

      That’s a weird comment

  2. Blair M. Schirmer says:

    Alonso celebrating before he got to first base, not even bothering to trot until he was halfway there, and peacocking for a strictly personal accomplishment surprised me and the people I was watching with, and took something out of it for us.

    We were relieved Folty got pulled before Pete’s next at bat. It’s rare when a hitter pulls something like this and doesn’t get put on his arse. Act like you’ve hit one before, rook.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      It was a record breaker. He’s allowed to celebrate it.

    2. Oldbackstop says:

      I wonder if he would have cried had the Mets clinched a Wild Card spot. Or maybe he is crying because hgv e hit .235 in the second half, and he looked at Dave Kingman’s baseball card and didn’t see any MVPs.

      1. metsdaddy says:

        Likes: Jason Vargas, J.D. Davis
        Dislikes: Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Pete Alonso

        Just wow.

  3. metsdaddy says:

    You’re mortified in the rejoicing of player accomplishments?


  4. Oldbackstop says:

    I looked it up….Kingmans career average was .236, Alonso since the Home Run Derby is hitting .235. In Kingmans highest home run year (48) he batted .288.

    I hope Alonso will not turn out to be Dave Kingman.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      You’ve jumped someone jumping a shark

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